No holiday can be imagined without various competitions and games? Of course, the first step is to think carefully about how you can set guests in the mood. This will help You new year predictions. which can be the highlight of the whole holiday party.

Christmas contests and games are good because they can be carried out not only at the table. Before starting more mobile contests, New Year's predictions will be able to set everyone on the right way. Of course, you can choose any variant of this game: simple or comic predictions for the New Year.

There are lots of ideas how to present Your new year's predictions. You have already heard about the cookies of happiness or destiny. This delicious biscuit is baked along with a prediction written on a piece of paper. You can cook similar cookies. This cookie can be served for dessert. Similarly, you can bake small nuts with predictions inside.

Predictions for the New year do not have to hide in cookies. You can use ordinary balloons for this purpose. Prepare the right amount of balloons (preferably if the balls are slightly larger than the guests). On small cards write New Year's predictions. Fold the cards in the tubes and put one prediction into the ball. Before the New Year party, blow up the balls. Do not forget to prepare a pin or any other sharp object that can be pierced by a ball. Next, you yourself can guess what it takes to make each guest to get his prediction.

Think twice what new year's predictions You would like to cook for the guests. If You are not sure that all is not well perceive the new year's comic predictions, it is better to do a simple. Ideas for simple predictions very much: car, apartment, birth, trip to Egypt. Since the New year, all want to have fun, use only positive predictions. You never know what reaction to expect from Your guests. But if You are sure that all of Your guests well perceive different jokes you can safely use a fun new year's predictions.

Don't forget that we have a longstanding tradition to bake a cake with surprises. In the pie dough add various items: candy, a penny, a pod of hot pepper. Of course, such a pie is interesting because New Year's predictions can not be caught by everyone. And do not forget that there is such a pie should be carefully. There is always a chance that a tooth can be damaged by a coin.

There a more simplified version of Christmas fortune telling cake. It is not necessary to put objects in the dough. Instead, you can use a simple dense sheet of paper, cut into squares. Each square draws what awaits each guest next year. Do not forget that before serving, the cake should be cut into pieces corresponding to the size of the cards.

But new year's predictions don't have to do it to You. Can offer a game like Fantom. Let each guest will give You an object. Select "Oracle" — the person who will predict the fate of each for next year. Turns show items Oracle. If You have chosen Oracle has a good sense of humor, You are guaranteed to have a good time. Well think about who would fit best in the role of the Oracle for this game.

In conclusion, give a few examples of humorous new year's predictions. which you could use for your party:

In the New year 2012 you will win a million dollars, but then give them all to charity.
In the New year you will be able to get rid of his bad habits, but it will acquire a couple new ones.
In the New year we should not blame the black cat that ran you the way. Take him to his home: he will be great company for your 38 parrots.
If you expect a bad event, say a button: it will definitely fall off.
In the New year always go to the head office with the left foot: you will wait for a promotion.
In the New year 2012 will give you the most coveted gift — a goldfish. However, it will be stuffed with rice and herbs.
  In the New Year, you have to smile a lot and sign a contract with the company Blend-a-Med.