Soon the New year, and You still can't decide on gifts for your loved ones? Sometimes it seems that there is no ideas for gifts, because for many years, gave everything that you could think of. A repeat is not very desirable. And You never gave unusual gifts for the New year. Think maybe Your gift will be the most memorable!

Of course, any gift should be chosen according to the preferences of other people. This is the main rule. But even knowing the hobbies and hobbies of friends and relatives, your gift ideas for the New Year are not always successful. For your convenience, here are some ideas of original gifts. Be sure that all your friends and relatives will appreciate your gift.

Who said that unusual gifts for the New year should be real. It is not necessary to give people a thing. After all, you can give an excellent holiday. Think about what an original celebration of the New Year you could give to your family and friends. Believe me, an unusual holiday will be remembered for a long time by everyone. For cohesive collectives or corporate parties, the idea of ​​an unordinary party is perfect. Do not tell anyone what exactly is cooked as the main part of the event. Just say that you are going to organize a party. The thematic New Year's party can take place in the style of a costume ball or any role-playing game. Any idea will do.

Of course, such unique gifts for the New year not suitable for all. For those who celebrates New year in the family circle, it may be advisable make a holiday surprise. Just ask your relatives not to plan anything for New Year's Eve. And as a gift, take all your relatives to a country house in the forest. However, it should be noted that renting a house for a couple of days will be quite expensive, so first think about the family budget. Can you afford this?

For the lover of adventure  you can prepare as a gift a certificate for a parachute jump. Does not fit this version of the New Year's gift? Do not be upset. You can give a lesson in piloting an airplane or a helicopter. Even a simple horse ride will be an excellent gift. Moreover, such certificates are valid for a certain time.

There are various interesting gifts for the New year specially for the women. Certificate for visiting SPA-salon, session, exotic massage, or shooting with a professional photographer will appeal to every woman. Also offer You to pay attention to numerous workshops offered in Your town. Lovers of hand-made you can give a master class on pottery, or creating jewelry. For more active women, you can choose a master class in dance. A master class in cooking dishes from famous chefs restaurants will impress any hostess. By the way, recording her own songs in a recording Studio will also be an excellent unusual gift for the New year.

There various ideas of original gifts "for the lazy". Some of the gifts are great for men, and others for women. Give a few ideas.

Why an expensive bottle of cognac is considered a good gift, but beer is not? Of course, You can purchase some very rare Beers and give it as a gift. But home-brewed beer, brewed according to a special Christmas recipe. be sure to please any lover of this drink.

A woman can give excellent olive oil. But it is not so simple. Choose a good olive oil, which should insist on the grass. Choose any combination, but it is best to get oil, Basil infused extra garlic, rosemary or Basilica. And delicate bottle in which You will present to the oil, will be the final touch of decorating Your gift.

If You are well sew and embroider, can be prepared special bags for dried herbs. Decorate the bags with embroidery with the name of each herb. As you guessed, in the pouches add dried herbs, which you yourself collected. Since herbs are used very often, you will be constantly remembered for such an original and useful gift.

Give your hosts your own cakes. There are a lot of recipes for various Christmas cookies. Fantasize with the shape and decoration of the cookie. Fold your pastry in a beautiful box and tie it with a ribbon. Your baking will definitely be much more delicious than purchased sweets.