As we are all happy different Christmas contests and games. After all, games are often the highlight of the party. Participate in the contests, not only because of the prizes. Games also improve your mood not only participants, but also for watching. And so the game "snowflake" sure to appeal to all!

Christmas games you can conduct with friends, family or employees. The game "Snowflake" is great for a party in any company. Therefore, if you come up with New Year's competitions for the corporate or for your own party, you can also use the game "Snowflake".

The game "snowflake" is not very intricate. It is completely built on various riddles, which will please all party members. As for any New Year's competitions, you will need small gifts. Moreover, the game "Snowflake" will be much more interesting to everyone, if something can be won in this contest. As gifts in this game, the participants receive exactly that object, which was enigmatic in the riddle.

So, how is the game "snowflake"? Like any game or contest You'll need leading. He will also propose New Year's riddles for adults. The host of the game should place on the table the letters that make up the word "Snowflake". Each letter of this game means an object. All participants have to guess what kind of thing it is. Prepared descriptions help in this.

The Letter C. The host of the game "snowflake" to name three descriptions of the subject, starting With:
fun girl
  because of fear, melt does not use hot drinks;
  a young assistant to the New Year's pensioner (to someone who guessed that it's the Snow Maiden, the figure of this fairy-tale character gets to it).

The Letter H. The following three descriptions are:
clothing for the feet
put gifts
  It can be hung at the fireplace (guessing the riddle gets a Christmas sock).

The Letter E. For the characters within the game "snowflake" is made the following description:
love the color green
has a prickly nature
on the new year's holiday loves to be the center of attention (winner-take small artificial tree).

The Letter W. a little back from the Christmas theme, so guessing these riddles:
the creation of the artist
painted colors painting
  a work of art (the winner is given a miniature painting).

Letter And. Three riddles for the participants:
you can buy or make yourself
brings joy to adults and children
  attribute of the New Year holiday (the one who guesses this object, gets the toy on the tree).

The Letter H. Another object starting with the letter N:
  people's favorite;
he is expected very much, for example, fulfillment of desires
  we have read it twice (because the mystery of the game "Snowflake" means the New Year holiday, the winner gets a card with the inscription "Happy New Year!").

Letter To. The following riddle:
he's very smart: knows how to count numbers, days, weeks and even months
it is indispensable at home or at work
by the end of the year always goes on a diet (the one who will guess this riddle, it goes to calendar).

The letter a. Another object beginning with that letter:
invariable decoration of the Christmas table
  has a sweet and sour taste;
  citrus fruit (the winner is handed a simple orange).

As you can see, new game "snowflake" is not very intricate. But in good company it is sure to raise everyone's spirits. For mysteries object You can use its own description, which can be made more intricate. Also can make any other items, starting with the presented letter .