December 25, the Roman Catholics, most Protestants and some Orthodox churches celebrate the glorious feast of the Nativity. In people, this day is called Christmas day. "as opposed to" Orthodox, celebrate on January 7. How will meet Christmas 2011 in different countries?

In most Western countries Christmas ceased to be a purely religious holiday. Even those in whose life the Christian religion does not occupy an important place are eagerly awaiting this day. In fact, in the West, Christmas is like having a New Year, getting ready for it is starting ahead of time and celebrating with great scope. But all the same, Christmas is primarily a family holiday, which is celebrated at home.

In the UK, say, decorate their houses with branches traditional Christmas plants — mistletoe and Holly (Holly). Mistletoe is a symbol of fertility and hospitality, and holly is a symbol of prosperity. You've probably heard about the old Christmas tradition: if a young man and a girl are under a mistletoe, they should kiss.

On the festive table is served a Christmas cake with candied fruit (Housewives cook it for a few weeks before Christmas), Christmas pudding or cake with "surprise". This cake is baked in small objects, and inherited the piece of cake surprise was a fortune teller for next year. ring for the wedding, money for wealth, etc.

In the Czech Republic according to tradition at the Christmas table don't put meat, the main course is getting fried carp with potato salad. A little carp scales are accepted to be put in a purse, so that in the next year it would have money. Some carp, by the way, more luck: they do not eat, and on Christmas morning they traditionally let out into the river.

In General, each country has its traditional Christmas food. If you are going to celebrate Catholic Christmas 2011 in Europe, you definitely need to know what can wait you on the holiday table. In many countries, the baked bird. In England it is stuffed Turkey with a sauce of gooseberries (in the US it is replaced with cranberry sauce), in France, is also a Turkey, but baked in white wine.

In Denmark Turkey prefer duck or goose stuffed with apples. The Lithuanians and the Germans stand in solidarity with them: their Christmas table is also not complete without a roasted goose. Respect the roast goose in Ireland, and in Scotland and Wales in favor of smoked goose. It turns out that in every part of the UK — his favorite Christmas dish.

In Austria and Hungary the bird is considered inappropriate at the Christmas table. they usually serve meat. In Australia, Spain and Italy are served fish and seafood, in Belgium - veal sausage with truffles, in Holland - venison, rabbit and game, in Luxembourg and Scandinavia - blood sausage, but the inhabitants of Scandinavia except krovyanki put on the table Smoked and salted meat.

In addition, each country has its own traditional Christmas cakes. In Germany, it is lebkuchen, shtollen and baumkuchen. in France and other French-speaking countries - the cake "Christmas log» (Bûche de Noël), and in Italy has its own Christmas cakes are in almost every region.

What is Christmas without gifts? Children around the world look forward to, when will come Christmas 2011, and they will get their long-awaited gifts. In different countries Christmas gifts children bring different characters. So, in English-speaking countries it is known to all good-natured Santa Claus. By the way, in the UK, gifts are given only on the second day of Christmas — St. Stephen's day. In France the kids are waiting for gifts from Pere Noel. In the Czech Republic brings gifts to the baby Jesus — Eisek, or Azulado.

Gifts are usually put in a sock or stocking hanging from the fireplace. It comes from this custom legend that St. Nicholas threw bags with three coins in a poor chimney sisters, and they are put in stockings, women who hung to dry the fireplace. In some countries, gifts are placed in sleeping shoes standing by the bed, left under a tree or exchanged for a festive dinner.

Despite the fact that the Christmas traditions in different countries differ slightly from each other, the spirit of the holiday, which permeates the Catholic Christmas, remains unchanged.Christmas 2011 will bring together people from different countries .