The right to a labour old-age pension have men at age 60 and women at age 55 years. But in some cases, to retire before. In some cases, possible early retirement.

Early retirement in the people is sometimes called a preferential pension, although this is not a very correct name. Usually an early pension is granted to people who work in jobs with harmful, difficult or specific working conditions, and the retirement age in this case depends onthe nature of work, hours of work and seniority .

A complete list of professions, positions and industries, work on which entitles you to early retirement is contained in the Federal law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation   "(Law No. 173-FZ of December 17, 2001), specifically in Articles 27 and 28. But we will not give it completely, we will only name a few of the classes so that you have an approximate idea of ​​what kind of work entitles you to early retirement.

  • work with harmful working conditions, underground work, work in hot shops
  • heavy working conditions
  • the work of a tractor driver-machinist, the machinist of road, construction and material handling machines (for women)
  • work with increased severity and intensity in the textile industry (for women)
  • the work connected with organization of transportation on railway transport and underground, and also as a truck driver in the process in the mines, etc.
  • work in expeditions, detachments, parties, teams and areas on geophysical, geological exploration and other works
  • work on rafting and logging
  • work in the seafarers on the vessels of the river Navy, and the fleet of the fishing industry
  • a job driving a trolley bus, trams on regular city passenger routes
  • jobs in the flight and engineering-technical personnel of civil aviation
  • work lifeguard at professional emergency-rescue services and formations
  • work with prisoners.

As already mentioned, this is not a complete list of professions and occupations, which give the right to early retirement. On early retirement you can count creative workers, doctors and other health care providers, educators   and representatives of many other professions. The main thing is that there must be an appropriate length of service.

For each profession, there are defined conditions for early retirement. For example, a woman who worked in hot shops has the right to retire at 45 if she has worked for at least 7 years and 6 months, and her insurance record is at least 15 years. A man working in similar conditions should work for at least 10 years and have an insurance record of at least 20 years to retire at 50 years. Similar requirements (with other figures, of course) are also applied to representatives of all other professions and classes from the list.

And for teachers, health workers and artists the exact age of early retirement is not defined at all. For example, a teacher can not retire early if he has worked for at least 25 years in institutions for children, regardless of his age. For health workers, this period is 25 years, if they worked in rural areas and urban-type settlements, and 30 years when working in the city, rural areas and PTH, or only in the city.

Also the right to early retirement have some categories of the population. say, mothers of many children (having five or more children), people with disabilities in the eyes of the first group, and so on.

So, to get the right to early retirement, you need to complythree basic conditions :

  • to have the base (type of work, profession, etc.)
  • term work, depending on the specific type of work
  • insurance is also depending on the specific type of work.

To find out if your job the right to early retirement. It is necessary to see if it is present in the corresponding list.

hello, dear lawyers, I have this question: I have been disabled since childhood. 3 group, I work at the MUE "Thermal Networks", a fitter in the ATS, I service the sewerage external system, work with harmful conditions-whether I have the right to early retirement. experience in this position 15 years

Ahmedjanov Armat Ramazanovich

Hello, I have this question: I spent 15 years in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, I continue my work in the civil sphere. The general experience of work is more than 30 years. Do I have the right to early retirement? To me now 49лет. Thank you in advance, please respond.

Hello, I am interested in this issue, work experience since 10.12.1981. to 21.08.1997. worked in areas equal to the northern, the driver, and from 29.09.1997. and to this day I work as a driver of "Belaza" in the coal mine for the removal of coal and rock in the technological process. Question: Do I have the right to early retirement? I am now 49 years old. Thank you in advance, I ask you to respond.

Hello respected lawyers. I have this question: I'm 45 years old. I work in a children's polyclinic, a district nurse and we serve children only from the district. All work consists of calls to the villages. Do I have the right to a preferential pension? Thank you in advance.

Hello. This year I turn 60 in December. Recently I often am on a hospital. I have bronchial asthma (there is no group) lately I am suffering from ostihondrosis. I have spent 11 years of work as a laborer in prison. Question: Can I go ahead of time on a pension. Thank you

Hello! I would like to know the answer to this question: "I will be 50 this year, I have many children. Do I have the right to early retirement? "Thank you in advance for the answer!

My father worked 35 liters. on a bulldozer on a collective farm, does he have the right to early retirement? He is 56 years old, he is not allowed to take occupational diseases, although he is practically deaf and has severe pain and legs. What to do?

Good afternoon! Be kind to answer the question that interests me! I work as an APS fitter in sewer networks, according to the list 2 I have the right to a preferential pension, the total length of service is more than 30 years, for the harmfulness of 15 years (2 years is not correctly registered in the labor - just a locksmith). The organization claims that the preferential pension is not pawned, that the commercial organization was also followed by a response about 80% of the work time in the sewers. There were cases of spending and 1.5 days without a break for lunch and sleep! Help me to understand! Thank you!

Hello. I wanted to ask you. I worked in tub.dispansere and received prof.zabolevanie, performed an operation-resection of the lung .. Now I'm working in another med.ucherezhdeniye.Skazhite I have in the future what kind of benefits or not. I am one year old received a pension of 3 groups and plus 40 percent of the loss of health. One year later, I was all left with only 10 percent (about 800 rubles). Now, probably in a year and it will be killed. But I do not have health like before, and the lung did not grow . Tell me about retirement, it will somehow influence.

Can I get a pension if I'm 43 years old. (length of service is 30 years, since I worked for a while for 1.5 years) 2.5 years of age. Is a specific vacation included in the length of service? And whether it is possible through the court to receive a pension in some way. They told me to wait another 2.5.

Hello! Writes you a civil servant (working in Moscow in the federal ministry) tell me if I can retire early? I am 58 years old, experience of civil service for 30 years. He performed an operation at the Gemgolts-Glaucoma Institute. I live in the Moscow region. Istra district. Thanks in advance. Stepanov Mikhail.
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Hello! Tell me, please, whether the drivers of sewage pumping plants have the right to a preferential pension. Work experience 21 years? Place of work sewage pumping station (KNS-1) at the same time pay harmfulness of 20%, in addition the harm is compensated by products (eggs) and 14 days in addition to the main holiday? Thank you

Hello. Since July 1995 I have been working as a medical doctor in a psychiatric hospital with strict supervision and intensive supervision. The hospital is located in the countryside, I live in a township. How many years I still need to work out for early retirement. Is it considered to be training in honey. school in the total work experience?

i worked in the school for years without interruption. I wrote a statement in March on leave (1 year without saving the s / p, according to Art. 55 para. 5), and it was denied to me, since the reference goes to the fact that I harm the institution (there is no one to work with). Next week I apply for dismissal on my own and release me with pleasure even without working off. How to understand the actions of the employer? I have 1 year and 10 months left before retirement, because I am essentially deprived of my work forever?

Hello! Tell me, please, can I retire early? I am 53 years old, my pension is 1.5 years old. At the moment, I have been unemployed for 1 year and 8 months (I lost my work due to the liquidation of the company). I can not get a job - age and poor health. Total length of service is 27 years. Perhaps there are options to receive at least an incomplete pension, because to live on one salary of a husband, after paying for a com. services and acquiring the necessary medications (without which I can not do without) is simply not possible. Thank you in advance.

I worked in MISO for 7.5 years in the home calculation of 12.5 years. On 1set on mercury 3.5 years, on 2setka 1yod.Iz SIZO dismissed as limited to a disability pension Is it due to early retirement for old age and how much? Is there a discount of length of service?

Hello, I have such a question: I have served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for 13 years, I continue my labor activity in the civil sphere. The general experience of work is more than 25 years. Do I have the right to early retirement in 50 years? I'm 47 years old now. Thank you in advance!

what are the conditions for early retirement of teachers working (working) in vocational education (former vocational schools)?

gas worker in Znerget UTS-to gas equipment serviced and repaired in the foundry shop (pshgr, ro-15-rod machines, 2 stands for drying ladles) certificate of early retirement is not given write profession gas man not included in the 2nd ospis. included, switched off the gas equipment, 1-2 times bypassing the gas mains. I do not agree, I found witnesses. Is it possible to go to court or is it useless?

tell me please I studied from 1985 to 1988 in pt will these three years be included in the pension? from 25 08 1988 to 20 08 1994 worked as a teacher of special disciplines in one ptu and from 25 08 1994 to 01 08 2001 in another. Do I have the right to a pension?

hello, dear lawyers, I have such a question, I worked for 14 years as a driver of a mobile power plant, can I quit early on retirement for the post-reform of the government of Russia on February 28, 2000, under the number 162

The husband has worked in chemical association for about 10 years and now he works on a collective farm hidden a year tractor driver bulldozer can he retire early

Is early retirement possible if I worked as a foreman for 7 years in a construction organization?

Hello; served 15 years in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, further work continued in the civilian sphere, total work experience of 35 years I am 59 years old, do I have the right to go on early retirement.

Husband worked on dised/electrical crane as a machinist/crane operator/railway during 19.5 years of General ostaa -25 years entitled him to early retirement?

Hello! I am 50 years old. At me the experience p

Hello! I am 50 years old. At me the experience of insurance-21год.Я worked-6,5лет in penal-executive system. And 4,5 years-a machine-man of a gantry crane. I can not get a job for my age. They do not. Can I retire early in 50years?

Hello, I want to ask you my dad worked on the railway for more than 25 years in the service sector does he have the right to early retirement, where can I go? thanks for the answer