Everyone is looking forward to the new year holidays. Many choose not to celebrate the New year at home, and tend to go to another country. Agree, it is nice to celebrate the New year on the Central square in, say, Vienna or Paris. New year holidays in Europe it's a great chance to take in the festive atmosphere of other countries.

Stay during the new year holidays should be planned in advance. Think about which country you would like to go with your family. After all, each country is unique in its own way. European countries have long been famous for their many traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year. Narrow ancient streets of European cities are transformed beyond recognition. But let's describe in more detail several countries where you could go on a New Year's holiday in Europe.

Germany and Austria have long been famous for its fairs. None of the other Christmas markets in Europe  not equal to German and Austrian. In the city squares there are small stalls in which you can buy various Christmas souvenirs. There you can try traditional dishes, drink a glass of stunning mulled wine and buy handmade products from German and Austrian masters.

For lovers of outdoor activities, you can advise to go toski resorts in the Alps. There you can not only perfectly meet the Catholic Christmas and New Year in a traditional German or Austrian style, but also have a great time in the mountains.

If You are not very satisfied with frost and snow. You should definitely go to Italy. Spain or Portugal. Of course, sometimes there is cold enough, but the average temperature in these countries, late December-early January ranges from 10 to 20°C. In each of these countries has its own festive charm.

Everyone knows that before Christmas in Europe there are discounts on all products. This is a great opportunity to go shopping. Shopping in Italy is one of the most famous. Italy has long been famous for its leather products. So be sure to pay attention to shoes and bags.

Spain and Portugal a must-visit for all lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. Do not forget that these two countries have long been known for their delicacies. Visit Spain and try the traditional dried cured ham ham with a glass of excellent wine from Catalonia. Portugal is more famous for various drinks: sangria (a low-alcohol drink based on red wine with the addition of pieces of fruit) and green wine (produced only in this country).

New year's celebrations can be organized in countries characterized for its cold climate. In Finland and Sweden as anywhere else you feel the real winter. Don't forget that Finland is the residence of Santa Claus, so be sure to visit Lapland! By the way, the Finnish Santa Claus is called is quite unusual for us name: Joulupukki.

New Year holidays in Europe can also beto be held in one of the Benelux countries. What is interesting about this proposal? The fact that you can calmly for a couple of hours to come from one country's capital to another. Those who like to walk around the clubs will really enjoy the New Year's Eve in Amsterdam. Some of the best dance floors are there. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, should be chosen by all admirers of architecture.

There is still a very large number of proposals where to go for New year. Vacation abroad, many can not afford because of the high cost of the tour, stay and flight. In this case, you can choose the countries that are undoubtedly closer to us. Stop your choice in Poland. The Czech Republic and Hungary. Sufficiently conservative people will definitely like the New Year in the Czech Republic. It is in this country that its celebration is most like ours. Therefore, in some measure you will feel yourself at home.