Once you left the company where he worked long enough in search of more lucrative offers. However, as time passed, and you realize that you now want to return to work at his old company. Can it be done? About how to get back to work in the same company, will tell the country of the Soviets.

In the West, employees who return to work in the same company, called "boomerangs  "And this, by the way, is not considered shameful. In domestic conditions, however, "boomerangs" are disliked by both their former bosses and former colleagues: they are very suspicious and distrustful of the desire of a previously retired employee to return to work.

The reasons whyyou may want to go back to work in the same company. can, of course, be different. Perhaps you did not find in the new location what you were looking for, leaving your previous job, or maybe you could not build a good relationship with the new leadership and team. And you understand that the previous work suited you, and you want to return. What do I need to do?

If you have not left your previous workplace with a scandal,the ability to return to work at the same company for you big enough. In many cases, your return can be beneficial for the company: you have gained valuable experience, gained new knowledge and skills. And if you want to return to work, it is better to contact the former leader directly and discuss the return with him.

In an interview with the former head of the to detail all the arguments in its favor and to prove that you are worthy to return to work. Depending on the situation earlier in your care, you can discuss with the authorities the new terms of cooperation. For example, perhaps you will first be asked is not such a big salary as before, but and set you in the first time will carry is not very complicated.

Even if your "old new" head without difficulty allowed you to return to previous work, the relations with "old new" colleagues  far from always can develop smoothly. The team may wonder, why should you be recruited again, with which you voluntarily left? You should prepare for different scenarios.

So, to return to work can be different. You can come up with "repentance" and his whole appearance to show that you are fully admitted his guilt, has realized the error, and will now be "quieter water below the grass." You can also make a "lush return with a feast and a collective experience once again trying to curry favor with colleagues. Finally, you can come back into work like nothing happened, ignoring all the gossip and gossip.

One of the surest ways of returning to your old job HR professionals call setting your previous care with this work as an unavoidable necessity. you could not stay in the company because of family circumstances or, suppose, could not tolerate a blatant injustice. Well, if your "legend" will support you leader.

At the present time desire to get back to work in the old company — this phenomenon is not rare. But, unfortunately, most often the desire to return to their old job occurs when all the bridges are already burned and there's no going back. So even if you, dismissing, and thoughts can't imagine returning to my former work, anyway do not rush to cut off his path of retreat. in the end, the ability to leave is worthy - this is a very useful quality, which can be useful to you in life more than once.