How to brew beer at home without equipment: video Beer is one of the most popular beverages all over the world, in a large assortment offered in a grocery stores, bars and restaurants. Today it has become quite popular home brewing, because the drink made his own seem to be even tastier! How to cook beer at home?

The basic ingredients of beer are water, hops, malt and brewer's yeast. To get a delicious beverage, these ingredients you need to prepare. For example, water for the beer should be soft. If the water is hard, it is recommended to boil it for 30 minutes or more.

Hops   for beer you can buy or prepare yourself. If the ham site grows hops, and necessarily "female", then you can collect and harvest it. Hops mature, beginning in mid-August. Collected hops should be dried in wooden boxes and crushed, for example, under a press.

Malt   - it's sprouted grains, it can be barley, wheat, rye. The most popular barley malt. To make beer at home, you can use one of two main methods: brew beer at home from the malt extract and directly from the grain. It is rather difficult to grow malt on your own, therefore, usually you buy ready-made beer for home beer.

Below brew beer at home from malt extract. A large capacity (25-30 liters) is required to prepare the wort, a large fermentation tank with a water trap hole and a water seal, a thermometer, a long-handle spoon-stirrer, a siphon tube for overflowing beer, beer bottles with sealed lids (for example, plastic) .

So, to brew beer, you must first fill a pot with 2-3 liters of water, then add 1 kg of sugar and boil. Then a can of malted extract should be placed in hot water for 5-10 minutes. In the prepared container for fermentation (it must be sterilized), pour the softened malt extract, and then add the sugar syrup obtained earlier. A sterilized spoon should carefully place the syrup with the extract.

According to the instructions, which is applied to the extract, need add in a container of cold water — as a rule, it is also 20 to 25 litres. Water better filter or at least give it to settle. It is important that the temperature of the resulting solution was optimal for fermentation 18-24°C.

Now it's time to begin adding yeast. The process is quite responsible, since it depends on how well the beer wort will lose, the final quality of the drink will depend. Brewer's yeast usually comes complete with malt extract.

To brew beer at home correctly yeast need to fill in the wort evenly. Watching that they do not form lumps. In addition, you need to add the yeast quickly in order to minimize the contact of the future beer with the environment.

After adding the yeast you need tightly close the lid of the fermentation tank. carefully making sure that the air can not penetrate inside. Then you need to install a hydraulic seal - the rubber stopper should close the hole in the lid tightly. In the hydraulic shutter it is necessary to pour cold boiled water - the required level is usually indicated by a mark.

Then tightly closed capacity should be placed in a cool dark room air temperature should be between 18-24°C. soak wort need as much time as required to produce beer, but this is usually no less than 5-8 days. In any case, during fermentation, the cap should not be opened!

When the allotted time to expire fermentation (fermentation is over and no longer stand out air bubbles) the beer needs bottling. At this stage in the beer adds hops   - it scents the drink. At the bottom of the bottles are placed the freshest and largest cones of hops, then the bottles are filled with beer (up to the neck of the bottle you do not need to top up about 5 cm).

In beer bottles for secondary fermentation add sugar. at a rate of 1.5-2 teaspoons per liter. It is best to add sugar as a syrup to minimize the risk of contamination. After the addition of sugar, the bottles are sealed tightly, shaken and placed in a cool place for 1-2 weeks for after-fermentation and ripening.

After 2 weeks or even a month (the longer brewing the beer, the better) home-brewed beer will be consumed.