So, you decided to buy a coffee machine. To pamper yourself at home with delicious coffee. To ensure that your machine lasts as long as possible and does not break down, it is very important to follow the rules of its operation, otherwise you will have to send the coffee machine for repair earlier than you would like. What should be the rightoperation of a coffee machine.

In general, the basic rules, which should govern the operation of any coffee machine, should be described in the instructions to the device.Do not try to make coffee without first having read the instructions. But there are some general rules for operating coffee machines of all models that need to be followed.

Let's start with the water you pour into the coffee machine.Proper operation of the espresso machine means that you will use filtered or boiled water. This will protect your coffee machine from scaling, which not only worsens the taste of coffee, but can also lead to breakage of the coffee machine. Always monitor the water level in the boiler - it should not fall below the minimum mark and rise above the maximum.

The next rule concerns coffee, which you fall asleep in the car.In no case can you fall asleep in the container for grains anything, except coffee. any other products and substances can disrupt the operation of the coffee grinder. The "spent" coffee will enter the waste container, which must be cleaned and washed daily, otherwise it forms mold. The container is washed, dried and then returned to a coffee machine.

In principle, the same applies to the removal of waste from any other removable containers (containers for ground and grain coffee, milk, etc.). Such containers are first removed from the espresso machine, then you need to remove waste from them, wash the container (carefully rinsed off the detergent),allow it to dry and only then set back .

Features of cleaning the coffee and milk tracts should be described in the instructions for the specific model of the coffee machine, it is very important to cleanly follow the instructions. Usually, special means are used for washing, liquid and / or in the form of tablets.When cleaning, you must carefully remove the drain hose. it can remain boiling water, so there is a risk of burns. From the outside, the coffee machine is wiped with a damp microfibre cloth.

Periodically, the working surfaces of the espresso machine must be descaled  (no matter how you filter the water, it does not protect the car by 100% from the formation of scale). Do this every week or as a scum is formed. The method of cleaning depends on the model: it can be either the use of a special formulation (as a last resort, you can use citric acid), or simply rinse with running water.

Proper use of the espresso machine is especially important in the preparation of coffee - on this depends not only the integrity of the espresso machine, but also your safety.Do not hold hands under the outlet  - there is a risk of getting a burn from hot water or steam. All manipulations on the outlet holes should be carried out only with the help of insulated handles. In no case can you pull out individual parts of the machine when it works.

All settings of the espresso machine should be made in accordance with the operating instructions. Usually, all settings are made before pressing the cooking button. Adjust the grind only on the included coffee machine. Try not to choose too fine grinding, this can lead to clogging of the strainer, as a result, the coffee will flow badly or even cease to flow at all.

It is advisable to turn off the coffee machine from the mains when you are not using it  (even if it turns off automatically when the coffee is ready). If there is an old wiring in the house and there are periodic voltage fluctuations, the operation of the espresso machine will be safer if you use a voltage regulator or other similar equipment.

Correct operation of the coffee machine according to the instructions is a guarantee that you will be able to enjoy delicious coffee and for a long time forget the phrase "service center".