Charter "working for the man", someone decides to freelance, and someone to open their own business. And one of the many problems faced by many budding entrepreneurs is the problem of finding customers. Where and how to find clients?

It's silly to rent an office, furnish it with equipment, put several employees and expect the customers themselves will go to you. Nobody knows, nobody heard, so where will the customers?  (We, of course, do not consider the option when you, while leaving the employer, lured some clients to yourself.) Therefore, at first you will have to look for clients - so that later they search for you.

There are several ways to find clients. One of them is American. You need to make a list of their relatives, acquaintances, friends, former colleagues, classmates, fellow students, etc. (fortunately, social networks make it easy enough). And then sit down and begin phoning them methodically, telling that you have opened own business .

And no need to "dump" on them the information without preparation. First talk, ask them how they're doing, listen to, and then casually mention: "I got the firm opened!". Even if they don't need your products or services may they have acquaintances who just need what you can offer them. "Sarafanne radio" can be a good way to find customers.

Note, however, that friends can ask you great discounts or even will ask you to help them for free  - by acquaintance. Do not give in: it's your business, on which you make money. If you "bend" too much, you can sit on your neck. Of course, you can make a small discount, but not more.

But you can't look for customers exclusively through a friend, it is better to combine several search methods. Do not forget about the traditional way of attracting customers, like advertising. The is not in vain called the engine of trade — its effectiveness in attracting customers no doubt. Better to bring to the market your business professionals, because made in haste and printed on a color printer ads are unlikely to be of interest to someone.

You can also to find clients with your website  - more precisely, they will find your site. Just just make a website and post it on the internet is not enough. That people find it, it should occupy high positions in search engines. And for this you will need to order the promotion and promotion of the site, for which, again, have to pay. And keep in mind that the results of promotion will be visible not in a few days or even weeks, but at least in a couple of months.

However, own website is not the only way to search for customers through the Internet.Your potential customers live in the social networks, sites, forums and communities related to your business. Just do not mindlessly "spam" wherever possible. Unsubscribe only in specially designed for this topic - say, where the person is just looking for the goods and services you offer.

Again, a deliberate promotion of their business in social networks will take a lot of time and effort, but it may well be a help in finding customers. In social networks, again, can work the effect of "word of mouth". someone posted information about you on your wall, friends of his census, and someone from friends of friends became interested and called.

You can also to find clients with the help of partners. You can offer partnerships to companies and organizations that work with your potential target audience, but are not your direct competitors. For example, if you sell sports shoes, you can negotiate a partnership with a fitness club. For example, you give trainers free of charge or at a discount, and they recommend you to customers.

At first to look for customers have, by combining all possible ways. And when you find them (or they find you), your task will be to keep them. Because, firstly, regular customers usually bring the company a good income. And secondly, they certainly will recommend you to their friends, and your client base will expand.