Cleaning the exterior of the washing machine


  1. First remove all the stains that appeared on the body of the machine, with a sponge moistened in a warm solution of dishwashing detergent.
  2. Pay special attention to the car door. All the cracks around it should be well cleaned because they accumulate the greatest amount of dirt.


  • But cleaning the washing machine is not completed. In the glass powder are often delayed remains of the powder or mouthwash. Fully extend the Cup for powder (how to do it, will be detailed in the instructions supplied with the machine) and clean it.
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    Cleaning the filter the washing machine



    1. Open the cover panel, behind which is the filter.
    2. Take any sufficiently deep bowl into which you will merge water from the emergency drain hose.
    3. The drain hose should be emptied before pulling the filter.
    4. Make sure that the water in the drain hose no more, only now you can pull the filter.


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  • Also look in the hole for the filter. There may be dirt or other small objects.
  • Clean the inlet filter.
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  • Cleaning washing machine drum




    1. Pour 6-10 packs of citric acid in a Cup for supplying washing powder
    2. Turn the machine on the longest wash cycle.
    3. In this case set to the maximum wash temperature. If you have a boiling mode, you can use them.