All women want to have their favorite men on February 23 unforgettable holiday. Indeed, simple greetings in the morning and given gift is not enough. So every year women are trying to come up with something new and original way to celebrate this day. The land of the Soviets tell you how to celebrate February 23.




By the way, in honor of the men in your family, you can organize a concert. But to do this you need to make an entire program. Do not think that you only need to learn a couple of poems. You can put on quite a show. Consider in advance what simple decorations you could use. You should also think about the costumes. Themes for the play can choose a variety, but they must be necessarily connected with the military theme. For example, it may be illegal smuggler crossing the border of the Motherland.



One should not reject the idea of a more extreme relaxation. Of course, with a parachute you are not forced to jump. But to gather a large group together with friends and play paintball no one can stop you. I think this exercise is not for women? Wrong, you are so drawn into the excitement of the game that you will not notice how fast time flies.