Cartridges of electronic cigarettes need periodic refilling of smoking liquid. You need to fill the cartridge neatly, otherwise the liquid can get into your mouth or into the atomizer when you smoke.How to fill an electronic cigarette?

Before you fill an electronic cigarette, you need to choose a liquid for refueling. The basis for the liquid consists of propylene glycol (55-62%), glycerin (30-35%) and distilled water. In addition, the basis is added flavor and nicotine. But nicotine may not be - non-nicotine fluids are usually used by those who want to quit smoking.

According to the content of nicotine, smoking fluids are divided into such categories :

  • Non-nicotine - 0 mg / ml
  • Ultra Light - 3 mg / ml
  • Light - 6 mg / ml
  • Medium - 12 mg / ml
  • High - 18 mg / ml
  • Extra High - 24 mg / ml

Still on salebasis for self-preparation of liquids. in them the content of nicotine can reach 36 mg / ml.

Also, liquids are divided into types depending on the ratio of the base components (water, glycerin, propylene glycol). This ratio affects the amount of steam, its softness, and also such an indicator as trothit.Trothit  - this is an irritation of the upper respiratory tract, many smokers smoke just for the sake of this sensation. So,by this criterion there are three types of mixtures :

  • Traditional - the optimal combination of sensations when smoking, taste and quantity of steam.
  • Ice blade - the feeling is more like smoking a normal cigarette: a couple less, and it is drier, the taste is saturated, trothit is pronounced.
  • Velvet cloud - the steam is mild, the taste is weaker, trothit is not expressed.

So, you have chosen a liquid, but do not rush to fill an electronic cigarette:first you need to understand the device cartridge. Most of the cartridges consist of a housing in which a liquid container is placed. In the container is a fibrous mass - sintepon. Synthepone is needed for dosing the liquid; thanks to it the liquid is retained in the cartridge, and not immediately poured all onto the atomizer (steam generator).

In addition, the cartridge can be one or twosilicone or plastic plugs. not allowing liquids to pour when you turn the cigarette with a mouthpiece downwards or get into your mouth with too vigorous puffs. But at the same time, there are small holes in the plugs that let steam through.

Now, knowing what the cartridge represents, you can refill an electronic cigarette. Take the cartridge in one hand and keep it upright, with the sintepon up. In the other hand, take the vial with a dispenser or a pipette with smoking liquid anddrip on sintepon three drops. In order for the liquid to fill the cartridge evenly, you can slightly "turn" the sintepon with a toothpick or a paper clip. Repeat the manipulation two more times and drop the last drop on the sintepon.

You can fill an e-cigarette and a little differently,starting filling from the bottom layers of the synthepon. To do this, you need to take a paper clip and insert it into the container to the end, thus pressing the sintepon to one of the walls. In the formed space is buried a liquid. After refilling, the sintepon needs to be spread out so that it is completely impregnated with the liquid. You can also fill an electronic cigarettewith a syringe  (medical or from a special refueling kit).

From time to time, remove the plugs and filler from the cartridge and rinse the cartridge. You can use detergents, but after that the cartridge must be thoroughly rinsed. Synthepon detergents can not be washed! Synteponovy liner withstands 5-10 refills, after which you need to replace it or the entire cartridge.

And remember thatto fill an electronic cigarette it is necessary extremely accurately. If you pour too much liquid, it can "pour" the atomizer. If the liquid is too small, it can cause the atomizer to overheat.