Modern woman is hard to do without a hair dryer, because it can be used not only to dry your hair, but straighten it or style it at home. Therefore, to choose a hair dryer need depending on what you intend to use it. How to choose a hair dryer?

The first indicator that you need to pay attention when choosing a hair dryer is power. It can vary from 200 to 2000 watts. The power affects the air temperature and speed of drying of the hair. The principle of "bigger is better" does not work here. So, if you have thin hair, powerful hair dryer you will not do. For everyday use on normal hair should choose a dryer with a capacity of 1200-1600 watts.

Also, when selecting a dryer you need to pay attention to number of speeds and temperature modes. They allow you to control the temperature and pressure of the air jet. The more modes, the more styling options you will have. To fix the styling, you can choose TV mode cold air supply: flow of cold air, comprising 15 seconds at the end of laying, will cool the hair and fix their form.

Choosing veins, you need to also take into account its shape. Two main forms of hair dryers is the cylinder and the gun. Beginners are usually advised to choose a Hairdryers cylindrical form with Amateurs is better to start with them. But if you are already accustomed to using a Hairdryer is a gun, the cylinder switch is not necessary, because it will seem awkward.

Make sure the Hairdryer is not too heavy and fits comfortably in the hand. But good hair dryer should not be too easy. a significant portion of its weight is the motor and a quality motor little weight can't. So too easy the dryer, most likely, long will not serve. When purchasing be sure to turn on the dryer and listen: too loud noises can be a sign of low quality of the device and the presence of defects.

Pay attention to the cord of the Hairdryer. It is advisable to choose a dryer with a cord length less than 2.5 m. If the wire of the hair dryer has a length less than 2 m, you will be awkward to dry your hair and do styling. The cord should be thick enough, but flexible and elastic. Check the continuity of the insulation and attaching the cord to the device.

The quality and the service life of the dryer also affects the material of the dryer. Most hair dryers are made of plastic. It should be durable and heat resistant. Unfortunately, the eye to determine the quality of the plastics is almost unreal. Therefore, the best way is to choose a hair dryer, which produces not only the dryers, but also other household appliances.

If you are going to use a Hairdryer not only for drying hair but also for styling, you need to choose a hair dryer with different attachments. There are two main packing type for hair dryer: concentrator and diffuser. Hub a tapered flat end, it is indispensable when laying.

The second nozzle is diffuser. He, on the contrary, expands on the end. The diffuser covers a large area and makes a powerful jet of air is softer and more diffuse. This type of nozzle provides a faster and gentle drying. But non-professionals is difficult to use a diffuser for styling.

If you want to make a beautiful styling with a hair dryer, you can choose a hairdryer with a set of additional attachments in the form of tongs, combs and brushes (the so-calleddryer-Styler ). There are, for example, such nozzle of the Hairdryer:

  • broad brush — for drying and styling
  • a simple comb — drying, care, give volume
  • round brush with plastic bristles or a brush with retractable bristles for creating curls, prevent hair tangling
  • tongs - for curling curls (standard - for large curls, small forceps for small ones);
  • round brush with natural bristles — to add Shine to hair
  • half round brush — for hair permed.

For additional hair care, you can choose a Hairdryer with .. Negative ions help to reduce static electricity and smoothing the hair scales. Hair becomes more manageable and shiny, easier to style. Also can be useful such additional features. as a removable air filter, sensor humidity control and automatic shut-off.

Actually,to choose the dryer is not too difficult. but to choose the first not worth it if you want the styling was done easily and pleasantly, and the dryer will last you a long time.