Noble wine is on every holiday table. Its mild flavor and rich aroma pleasing to any lover of this drink. But very often we are wrong and instead of good wine purchased sour tasteless drink. So you do not make the same failures in the future, the Soviets will tell you how to choose wine.

The selection of wines primarily depends on your own taste preferences. Maybe you like only French white wines or you prefer domestic beverages. You should also take into account the color of the wine: pink, red or white. There are also sparkling wines - drinks, saturated with carbon dioxide during production.

Of course, to choose a good wine should just taste. But in the store to taste every bottle is simply impossible, so you have to rely on luck. But all the same when choosing a wine, you should know a few useful things that will be useful to every person. We will tell in detail how to choose wine.

To start, always look at the price of a drink. The more expensive bottle of wine — the better and tastier the drink will be. But the price should not be the main factor. Very often unscrupulous wine producers give out poor-quality goods for good drinks and try to wind up the price to the maximum. Therefore, before choosing a wine in the store, read the label.

The label should always be specified the sugar content, the strength of the drink, GOST (for domestic wines) and date of issue of the drink. In addition, very important information will be the producing country, the grape variety and the area where it is grown. If all this information you could find on the label of wine - you have an excellent product. But nevertheless we will talk in more detail about all these inscriptions on labels.

How to choose wine: grape

It is precisely to distinguish between varieties of grapes from which wine is made. How to choose a red wine grape variety. Everything is very simple. Wines from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have a tart saturated taste. Wine from Pinot Noir is much softer than Cabernet Sauvignon, but it has similar characteristics. Very soft and delicate wines are produced from the Merlot grapes. Grapes Tsinfandel - this is an American variety. This wine will be very strong. Shiraz (Syrah) is one of the best grape varieties for wine production. Both red and pink wines are made from it.

Now let's show how to choose a white wine grape variety. Wine made from Sauvignon Blanc refreshing and invigorating. If you are looking for a sweet drink, you should choose a wine from the Riesling grapes. But if you want to choose white wine with a hint of fruit, then take the drink made from grapes of Chardonnay. By the way, it is believed that this variety is better suited for the production of white wine.

Very often wine is made from grapes of different varieties. Such a bouquet does not spoil the taste of this drink at all. But if the label does not contain any information about the grape variety, be aware that this drink was made from a mixture, so the bouquet of wine, like its quality, will leave much to be desired.

How to choose wine: country of origin

From the country of origin strongly depends on the quality of the wine. So, France produces the best wines. Austrian, Italian and Spanish wines are also very good. In addition, on the shelves of the shops there are wines produced in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, USA, Chile, Hungary, Bulgaria. We all know the marking of domestic wines. But on the labels of imported wines you can see various words unknown to us in a foreign language. You should know how to choose a good wine in this case.

Austrian wines are divided according to this classification :

  • Tafelwein – table wine
  • Landwein - local wine. Produced from grapes grown in a specific land
  • Qualitätswein — vintage wine. On the label necessarily indicate in which wine region produces wine
  • Spätlese — selected wine
  • Auslese — wine production the grapes selected for maturity
  • Beerenauslese — wine from a slightly flaccid grapes. Different sweet taste
  • Eiswein — ice wine. Made from grapes, which are going to have a little frostbitten
  • Strohwein — straw wine. Made from berries that were stored for at least 3 months on the reeds or straw
  • Ausbruch - made from overripe and rested grape berries. This wine is considered one of the best
  • Trockenbeerenauslese is the highest category of wine
  • Districtus Austriae that guarantees their (DAC) is a wine produced in Avestan wine regions. This wine is controlled not by the grape variety and area of origin of wine

Classification of French wines :

  • Vins de Table — table wine
  • Vins de Pays — local wine. These wines are often produced from grapes grown in the same area. The taste of the wine will greatly influence the geographic location of the terrain and weather conditions
  • Appellation d'origine Controlee (AOC), as Austrian wines DAC

Classification of Italian wines :

  • Vini di Tavola — table wine
  • Indicazione Geographica Tipica — local wine. The equivalent of French Vins de Pays wines
  • Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) classification, similar to the Austrian DAC and the French AOC
  • Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) - this classification applies to the most noble wines. In this case, you are guaranteed to get the best wine, the production of which is limited

Classification of Spanish wines :

  • Table wines — table wine
  • Varietal wines — varietal wine. Used in the manufacture of only one grape variety
  • Crianza wines — quality wine brand "Crianza"
  • Reserva Estate wines — "Reserve": wine of the highest class

As you can see, it's not so easy to choose wine. But if you really ask this difficult task, you can pick the best and most delicious drink. Moreover, now you know how to choose a wine.