How to cook fresh asparagus In the middle of spring appear on the counters asparagus — delicious and healthy gourmet vegetable. Many people are hesitant to buy asparagus, not because it is expensive or tasteless, but simply because I do not know as it correctly to prepare. How to cook asparagus?

Cook asparagus in different ways, but the most common cooking method is boiling. Boiled asparagus can be eaten "as is" with butter or sauce, and can be used as a basis for salads or other dishes.

Before cooking asparagus, you need to clean it. There are two main types of asparagus - green and white, they are cleaned in different ways. Green asparagus is peeled down from the middle of the stem, and white - just under the tip. For cleaning asparagus, it is most convenient to use potato peeler or a special knife for cleaning vegetables.

The purified stalks need to be cut from the end of 1-2 cm and Then shoots to fold into a bunch and trim them so that they were approximately the same length. By the way, to prepare the asparagus you will be in the beam: before cooking we need to tie the shoots in bundles of 6-10 pieces. You can use a thread for these purposes, but if you want the asparagus to be more fragrant, you can tie it with a sprig of parsley or dill.

Cook the asparagus in salted water. Add water, 2 tsp salt and bring to a boil. If you want you can add sugar or honey (1 tsp) and lemon (slice half). When the water boils, you can put it in the asparagus. But it is very important to consider one thing.

The tips of asparagus cook faster than the stems. So a bunch of asparagus should be placed in the water with the tips up, and the tips should be above the water surface. It turns out that they will prepare for a pair, and as a result, the asparagus will be welded evenly.

By the way, you can cook the asparagus in a special sieve. This is a cylindrical sieve with a handle. It puts a bunch of asparagus, and then sieve plunges into a pot of boiling water. When the asparagus is ready, you just need to take the sieve out of the pan and let the water drain.

The cooking time of asparagus will depend on its type and thickness of the stem.White asparagus is usually cooked longer than green. cooking time for white asparagus — about 10-15 minutes, green enough 3-8 minutes to cook.

To check the readiness of the asparagus you need to pierce it with a fork or a toothpick: asparagus should be soft, but not seethe. Too long to cook asparagus can not! The ends of the shoots during cooking should by no means become too soft or break.

Asparagus ready to be cast away in a colander and rinse with ice water. When the water has drained, the asparagus needs to be dried with a paper towel, place on a warmed plate and cover with oil (olive or melted butter) and gravy. Traditionally, asparagus is served with hollandaise sauce, based on butter, lemon juice and egg yolks. This sauce is perfectly emphasizes the taste of asparagus. But there are other options of sauces and dips for asparagus:

  • sour cream with finely chopped greens and garlic
  • homemade mayonnaise with lemon sauce and spicy mustard
  • melted cheese type Camembert
  • olive oil with grated Parmesan
  • natural unsweetened yogurt with finely chopped garlic and chives
  • melted butter with parsley and chopped steep egg;
  • pesto sauce with olive oil
  • olive oil with fried pine nuts or cashews.

Of course, there are other ways to cook asparagus in addition to cooking. It can marinate, cook for a couple, bake, add to omelettes and risotto, soups and pasta, use as a filling for pies and casseroles, to make her pancakes. The main thing — to observe the basic rule of cooking asparagus. no matter how you cook it (cooking, quenching, languishing), cooking asparagus should not be too long.