Laminate floors are very easy to care for. It is worth remembering that the best way to protect the floor from dirt to prevent contamination. It is clear that it was impossible to keep laminate floors exceptionally clean, so you need a certain care for laminate flooring. to extend its life.

Care for laminate flooring does not require complex actions. if you do not allow catastrophic pollution of the floor. No one is immune from the appearance of random hard-to-remove spots, so it is worth considering the features of the laminate to properly remove them.

To begin with, remember: laminate doesn't mix well with mud. Sand, stones that are stuck in the sole, scratch the surface and leave ugly dents. To avoid this, you need to take off your shoes at the doorstep and be sure to do this on a special mat for shoes.

Laminate waterproof enough. Water is removed with an ordinary rag, it is desirable that the concept of "falling water on the floor" does not turn into a phenomenon like "flood". In this case, the laminate can not withstand the load, and then inflates and peels off.

The laminate has anti-dust structure. therefore, as far as dust is concerned, here he himself cope with the problem, so pay attention to more serious care for the laminate.

Caring for a laminate with stubborn stains

Stains from dirt, oily pencils, rubber removed with a dry nylon pad. In any case, do not Polish the laminate floor with wax! Such care for laminate flooring is entirely excluded, because the wax and Polish leave a bad dim blurry spot.

Stains from berries, colored drinks, chocolate, cosmetics, vegetable fat   Remove with a damp cloth that absorbs well and leaves no streaks. You can use special care for the laminate, and after wipe the floor with a dry rag.

Stains from blood are removed with a damp cloth. Try not to allow drying. Caring for a laminate does not involve permanent interference with chemicals, and bloody dried stains can be cleaned clean only with a cleaner for cleaning varnished coatings.

Particular care for laminate flooring

Proper care of laminate allows you to prolong the viability of the floor with such a coating. It is important to protect the laminate not only from dirt, but also from other factors.

Do not overload laminate floors heavy furniture. It is clear that the cabinets and headset are not discussed. We are talking about heavy pots, chairs, stands, tables and chairs. If you want to keep the laminate a little longer, to equip touches of furniture with laminate soft cover. You can't even buy these mini-cases, and make them yourself. Sewn normal primitive pocket that fits over the chair leg, wheel, etc. This will allow to get rid of dents and scratches.

Care laminate eliminates steam cleaners. From their action, as, indeed, and from the water, the cover is inflated and peeled off.

Care of laminate may not have any problems if that appears to remove the dirt. It is now very easy to find a quality laminate. Let it be more expensive, but it will serve as much as you would like. All other nuances depend solely on you, on how much you take care of care for the laminate coating.