Fabric for wedding dresses you need to choose carefully. Wedding dress — something quite delicate. In addition, it is worth considering the choice of season for wedding. Not every fabric is painless to tolerate heat or sleet.

If we talk about buying dresses, then too it is not necessary to make a choice depends exclusively on the style. Dress can be very beautiful, but the fabric, for example, is not suitable for the season. Some fabrics are too crumpled, some are draped poorly, and there are fabrics for wedding dresses that are very stretchy and by the end of the celebration look as if you were wearing your dress for a whole week.

To help you make the right choice consider fabric for wedding dresses names, given their seasonal characteristics .

Fabric for wedding dresses during the warm season

Fabrics for wedding dresses in the warm season should be easy. It should be careful with massive embroideries, and heavy accessories. If you want to hold a celebration in comfort, choose fabrics for wedding dresses from the offered list.

Satin. Satin looks chic, especially with embroidery. It is a very durable material with a smooth surface.

Tulle. Tulle looks very presentable, if not overdo it. It is best not to use this fabric to sew the dress itself. This material is great for finishing fabrics, creating lacy patterns and ruffling.

Len. This material is now very fashionable. Despite the fact that the flax is very crumpled, modern technology has made it much softer. The linen wedding dress looks very original. Especially for wedding dresses, flax turned into a material with a breathing structure.

Organza. Fabrics for wedding dresses can be cheap, but look chic. This also applies to organza. The fabric of synthetic fibers is very well suited for finishing the sleeve, lower skirts, high collars.

Atlas. Atlas has always been, is and will be the most advantageous option, given that all fabric for wedding dresses try to achieve the right of superiority among themselves. Just an Atlas, especially of natural silk fibers, always luxurious. You only need to consider the features of the figure. If satin things you don't on the figure, the material immediately will be given all your flaws. On the wedding dress, if it is not on the figure, Atlas immediately crushed in folds and covers so that you will only ever pull up the skirt and feel a little weird.

Baptiste. Fabrics for wedding dresses should be strong and at the same time light, because the wedding involves movement and fun. Batista perfectly withstands dances, trips, extreme conditions. This material is light and breathable, so you are provided with comfort.

In the warm season may also use such fabrics for wedding dresses as silk, chiffon, taffeta, crepe .

Fabric for wedding dresses during the cold season

The cold season entirely agree with the above fabric, especially the flax, if it is designed according to the usual technology. It is worth considering that for dresses in the cold season you can use absolutely any fabric. Even tulle, if it sewn on a solid foundation.

Consider several types of fabrics designed especially for the cold seasons :

Velvet. Velvet is a luxurious fabric. This material is perfect for winter. As a fabric for a wedding dress, velvet is slightly inferior to satin only in that it is better not to use it in warm weather, it will be very hot. And so, velvet looks chic, especially with a refined finish.

Jersey. Jersey is a knit material, so it is well protected from the cold. In addition, this fabric is very soft and hardly wrinkled. Given the characteristics of this fabric for wedding dresses, it can be concluded that it is more suitable for any extreme conditions.

Brocade. Brocade looks very elegant. Exquisite fabric with a pattern in tapestry technology is perfect for a cold season. For the summer, of course, the fabric is a bit heavy. The pattern on the brocade can be made with gold thread, silver, in an oriental form and with various refined drawings. Brocade as a fabric for wedding dresses is very expensive, but it's worth it.

As you've seen, to make the choice of fabric for wedding dresses, in principle, it is easy. The main thing that you feel comfortable. Beauty is not always the first principle, if clothes are made from bad fabrics, so try to weigh all the pros and cons, and let your triumph nothing be able to spoil the fun and comfort.