Rosemary refers to the classic spice, but we it hardly used, since in our latitudes it does not grow in the wild. Therefore, many Housewives are interested in how to use rosemary in cooking.

Rosemary is very popular in Mediterranean cuisine. For example, the Italians and the French add it to a variety of dishes, from meat and fish to fruit compotes and desserts. The French often add rosemary to "bouquet Garni"  - a bunch of spicy herbs, which are put in soups, broths, stews and sauces, taking out before serving.

Due to the high content of the essential oil of rosemary has sweet and camphor aroma with subtle pine notes. And the taste of rosemary is spicy and spicy, with a slight bitterness. Rosemary is used in cooking both in fresh and dry form. In the course are the leaves, flowers and young shoots of the plant.

Add rosemary in almost any dish. fish, meat (stuffing, fried meat and poultry, game), vegetable (soups, salads, dishes from potatoes, other vegetable dishes), marinades, dough, casseroles. It fits well with soft cheeses, mushrooms, white and red cabbage. You can add rosemary even in fruit salads!

But best rosemary goes well with meat  ; rosemary in cooking is often used to mask the specific taste of mutton and rabbit, which is not to everyone's liking. It can be added to the marinade for meat, so that rosemary gives the roasted meat of domestic animals the scent of game (by the way, during cooking this spice does not lose its flavor). And if you fry shish kebabs or barbecue, you can put a couple of branches of rosemary on the coals, it will give the meat a delicate aroma.

Keep in mind that rosemary has a very intense aroma, therefore it is used in very small quantities. to flavor dishes or just have a pinch of dried rosemary or fresh sprigs. If you overdo it, there is a chance to dish, the aroma of which evoked the Association with coniferous forest.

Rosemary in cooking, often combining with other spices, the flavor of which enhances and complements the flavor of rosemary. So, rosemary goes well  with parsley, black pepper, thyme, marjoram, chili.

However do not combine it with Bay leaf. this combination is considered not very successful, because the aromas of these two spices are too similar. And the taste of more gentle spices fragrant rosemary just "clogs." In principle, if you are not sure whether rosemary will combine well with a particular spice, you can use it in its pure form.

A few words should be said about the storage of rosemary. Because of the strong flavor it will keep in an airtight container. Dried rosemary is best stored in tightly closed dark glass. Note that after a year of storage dried rosemary begins to lose flavor and healing properties.

Sprigs of fresh rosemary  washed, well dried and put in a plastic bag. The package must be tied up and put in the refrigerator. With such storage, rosemary will retain its freshness for a long time.

And rosemary can be flavored vinegar or olive oil. Just put fresh or dried rosemary in a bottle, fill it with oil or vinegar, tightly clog it and put it in the fridge. In a few days you will have a flavored oil or vinegar - the original dressing for salads. Together with rosemary, you can add other spices to aromatization, but, again, it's worth taking care of compatibility.

Rosemary can give dishes a wonderful taste and aroma, which cannot be achieved using other spices. However, it is worth remembering that rosemary — a spice whimsical, even a slight "overdose" can completely ruin a dish. making it unpleasantly bitter. But if rosemary in cooking is used wisely, it allows you to create real culinary masterpieces.