Annually on the third Sunday of June, doctors, nurses, orderlies, technicians and other medical workers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine celebrate the Day of the medical worker (the Day of the doctor). Medical professional day 2012 falls on June 17.

This holiday was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On holidays and memorial days" from October 1, 1980. Thus, the medical worker's Day 2012 — this is the thirty-second celebration of the professional holiday, but, of course, appreciate the hard work of doctors, people started much earlier. Since its inception, the medical profession has been one of the most important.

History of medicine starts in ancient times. and since then medical science is constantly evolving: doctors and scientists comprehend new secrets of the human body, new diagnostic methods and methods of treatment are emerging, new medicines are being developed. Perhaps, it is medicine that can be considered one of the main achievements of mankind.

At the moment there are different branches (theoretical, practical, evidence-based) and partitions (from gynaecology to epidemiology) medicine, but the task of all the one — to treat people, to maintain and strengthen their health.

Doctors we entrust our health and our lives. There is no profession more important and more responsible   (representatives of other professions, of course, can argue, but who, if not doctors, nurses and midwives, helps us to be born?). Medics are valued not only for their professionalism, but also for the mercy, compassion and dedication with which they carry out their uneasy (and, unfortunately, not too highly paid) work.

Therefore, in the medical worker's Day 2012 don't forget to congratulate your relatives, friends and acquaintances, relevant to medicine. They continue the glorious work of Hippocrates and Avicenna and can rightly be proud of their difficult, important and necessary profession of mankind. And you yourself on this holiday can arrange a marathon of serials and revise the "Internews", "Doctor House" and (if you are nostalgic on television in the 90's) "First Aid".

Congratulations with the Day of medical worker 2012

* * *
Today is the celebration of all people
Wearing the white robes,
All nurses and doctors
Patients who cures the wards!
We ask to help managed
So that when trouble comes,
Come, do not hurt,
Let the happiness in life you will find!

* * *
You patients instead of "goodbye"
With a smile say "Be healthy!".
For your daily efforts
The whole world today congratulates doctors!
And you congratulations,
We wish you good health and love,
And that only the best moments
  You in life could rejoice!

* * *
In the Day of the doctor kiss hot
Love and wish good luck
You doctor or nurse
Vet Il country doctor!
Let no instruments, chamber
Old and sometimes cramped
But your souls as bathrobes,
Light. In the first spirit of spring!
Treat us: patch, glue,
Pull up a chair, let's iodine.
But only for yourself — do not get sick,
  And happiness itself will find!

* * *
Congratulate those who serve Hippocrates
About them today to say we are happy.
For them and toast and a glass of wine
Giving life, health, all in full.
Your work is respected by the people.
And really need something like at any time of the year!
You are the ones who we will bring down the temperature.
We will issue a special medicine.
Interest to the work you not lose!
Working, so less tired!
  Success, mood for 5!

* * *
Glory, glory to the doctors,
Aides, medical assistants,
All nurses, optometrists,
Midwives, prosthetics specialists,
Dentists and loram,
The glory we sing all in chorus.
Even if someone is healthy,
Life, after all, began with doctors!
Their caring hands
Facilitated moms flour
So we could be born.
God forbid we catch a cold,
To catch the bronchitis or the flu
— Just remember we are about them!
You talk about them every
As a skilled and courageous
How will envelop attention
To improve the condition
How fighting for the lives of people
Forget about her.
Given the Hippocratic oath,
Faithful in the work of the Holy.
Glory, glory to the doctors!
Low bow to you.

* * *
Summer holidays rather poor,
But one among other valuable
People in white medical coats,
  Whose work is more expensive than money,
Whose skilful clever hands
Save us from troubles and misfortunes,
Whose precise knowledge science
Gives people health and happiness.
Today — Day of health workers — a holiday!
Today it is celebrated
In institutions, in General, different,
But perhaps the common dream —
"If people will not get sick —
Without work do not mind to stay!"
Your labor is glorious! Work your hardest!
  God grant you health, brothers!

* * *
Our dear doctor,
An artist with a scalpel and needle!
Our souls are open to You,
Like favorite books page.
They will find the wishes
All the best and new
And scientific courage,
  The population is healthy!