It is no secret that the cost of a cocktail at the restaurant exceeds its real value. Well, when will be sensible bartender and make delicious high-quality cocktail that will contain all the necessary components, not replace them. Lest any cheat, you can make a personal home bar.

It is very convenient for those who like to relax and spend an evening in the company of margaritas or a glass of delicious cognac. A home bar will love your friends, that will come often and linger longer. Of course, at the bar, a lot of alcoholic Goodies from which you can make a great cocktails .

It is worth considering that a home bar is expensive. You should start with Cabinet. which will contain bottles of drinks. You can choose in any furniture store or ordered online on a specific website. If in the kitchen a lot of space, you can install the bar. chairs on high legs, a small freezer or an ice generator. There are different types of bar cabinets, and their choice depends on your preferences and interior features.

If the cabinet for the bar is selected and installed, then you can start filling it. To become a real bartender, you need to stock up special bartender "tricks". List of necessary devices that will improve the home bar:

Shaker   for mixing alcoholic ingredients and ice. There are glass, metal and plastic. It is better to choose metal - they are durable and very comfortable. Shakers from three parts - cobblers, from two parts - bostons.

A glass-mixer   It will be necessary when many guests come to you. As such a glass, you can use the bottom of the cobbler. You can complete the home bar without this glass.

Strainer   It is used to separate large ice when a finished cocktail is poured into a glass. More practical and functional is the havtor-strainer, which is equipped with a spring on the edge and ears for a firm fixation on the glass.

Jigger   Is a dimensional vessel of a certain volume. Very convenient are jiggers, which have on the inner surface a scale. It is better to buy jigs with a rounded rim because they do not leak. A dimensional plastic cup for large volumes is also useful.

A bartender spoon. It differs from its congeners long handle, twist the spiral. The usefulness of a bar spoon is that you can use it to make layered cocktails and with tip (Madler or tablet), you can easily mash the fruit. Your home bar will simply not be able to function without it.

The bar knife   - Sharp, light, comfortable. It will be useful in the process of making ornaments for drinks and slicing citrus fruits.

Geyser   - nozzle on the neck of the bottle, which prevents uneven pouring out of the liquid.

Citrus juicer   - very easy to use. When designing a home bar, you should decide: it is more convenient to use a hand-operated juicer or a cumbersome mechanical one. If there are a lot of places, it is easier to buy a mechanical one, which is useful in the household.

Also need forceps and scoop for ice. form or sachets for its preparation. If the budget allows, you can purchase an ice generator, which makes crystal-clear cubes.

These are the most popular devices, without which the home bar will look lean and unprofessional.

Next - dishes for the bar. The basic glasses. which must be available:

  1. A pile (shot) - for giving strong alcoholic drinks.
  2. Old fashion (rocks) — pour whiskey, mixed drinks whiskey.
  3. Highball (Collins) — for long drinks, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  4. A martini glass - for serving chilled cocktails without ice.
  5. Champagne flyute — serving sparkling wine and cocktails based on them.
  6. Wine glass — pour red and white wines.
  7. Margarita — for the eponymous cocktail.
  8. Beer glasses - for beer and cocktails with beer.

Now it's time to start choosing cherished bottles that will fill your home bar. The number of bottles and a variety of types of alcohol depends on how often you drink alcohol, and your taste preferences. If you want to experiment with cocktails, then buy the following drinks: bitters "Angostura", rum "Bacardi", Jack Daniels whisky, tequila "Olmeca", vodka "Absolut", gin "Gordon's", liqueur "Cointreau".

On the basis of these liquids can be easily prepared ten cocktails. "Appletini", "Brass Monkey", "Cosmopolitan". "Cuba Libre", "Long Island", "Manhattan". "Margarita", "Old Fashioned", "Vesper", "White Lady". As alcoholic supplements for cocktails, you need to buy "Calvados", an aperitif "Little Blank" and red vermouth. Also, additional ingredients for these cocktails are lime, lemon, orange, cranberry and cola.

Buy, learn, do. It is advisable to watch the video lessons and learn the recipes of the above cocktails, because they are popular, and some of them have become just a classic of bar art. When you build a home bar, do not forget to call your friends, as they are true connoisseurs of free alcohol.