In the heat of summer it is not necessary to quench the thirst of sweet soda — only even more thirsty. Much more effective, healthier and tastier drinks from fruit and berry juices, for example, fruit drinks. How to prepare juice?

Morse is a non-carbonated soft drink that is made fromberry (rarely fruit) juice, sugar syrup (or honey) and sparkling drinking water. Formerly, fruit drinks were mostly made from wild berries, especially cowberry mors and cranberry mors were popular.

But you can make juice from almost any available berries, fruits and even vegetables. This files most often for making juice using red and black currants, strawberries, raspberries, stone bramble, BlackBerry and other berries. Can to make juice from mixture of juices  - you get a kind of assorted.

To taste juice like a fruit juice, but the taste of it is not as intense: more than half of the content of the juice is water. And this is a logical explanation: the forest berries do not give too much juice, besides, 100% juice from the same cranberries will be very concentrated and sour - without water and sugar can not do. And when you add water and sugar, it's just a mors.

Of course, Morse less vitamins than in natural juice, especially if you cook the juice with the boiling. But Morse is a much better thirst quencher than juice. and less pancreas. Natural fruit drinks increase appetite, and fruit drinks prepared from berries with a high content of vitamin C, increase immunity. Useful properties of a particular type of mors are dependent on which berries it is made from.

Fruit drinks can be given even to children. however, you should follow certain precautions. Usually recommended to acquaint the child with the fruit drinks in the age of three. Thus it is necessary to give juice prepared from any one kind of berry, which the child already tried the "pure", in order to avoid allergic reactions.

Prepare the juice in different ways. but for all methods there are several important rules. Firstly, you can add only boiled water to the mors. When adding "raw" water, Morse can ferment. Secondly, the fruit must be cooked in a bowl that does not oxidize.

The easiest way to cook Morse  - is to make sugar syrup, dissolving sugar in hot water. When the syrup cools down, you need to add the juice squeezed out of the berries into it and stir it. Juice can be wrung out "grandmother" method, through gauze, but it is much more convenient and hygienic to use a juicer.

But most juice is prepared by boiling method. How to prepare mors with this method? The berries are picked and washed. If necessary, you need to remove the bones from the berries, rub it in a mortar or grind it in a blender. Then the prepared "raw materials" are put in a saucepan and poured with boiled water.

Put the pan over high heat, bring to a boil and boil for some time (no longer than fifteen minutes). The broth is filtered, and the cake squeeze out the juice and add to the broth. Then drink diluted with boiled water and podslushat sugar or honey.

With this method of cooking the berries lose quite a lot of vitamins, so you can boil the juice a little bit different. To do this, juice from berries is squeezed before heat treatment. The squeeze is boiled, the broth obtained is diluted with raw berry juice and sweetened to taste.

If desired, you can add the juice the spices (e.g., cinnamon), lemon zest or a slice of lemon, lime or orange. Summer juice serve chilled  (you can add ice to a jug of fruit juice or directly into glasses with a drink),and in winter — warm. In winter, by the way, you can prepare vitaminized fruit juice from frozen berries.