Fish — product problem. The thing is that cooking fish is not to everyone under force. It does not depend on, you know how to cook or not. To know how delicious to cook fish. you need to consider some features of fish. Any difficulty in cooking delicious fish there. Only need to treat food with soul.

If on a festive table there are the fish — try to try in the first place. It's not because all the polls are crazy about fish. Each family has its own secret of cooking fish. so it's always interesting who and how to prepare similar dishes.

The main secret of cooking fish is that you must first right to keep it. If the fish is stored in unacceptable conditions for it, it will quickly deteriorate and become delicious in a fish dish, no matter how hard you try to save it with spices and culinary techniques.

Remember that fish kept   in the refrigerator at a temperature of no higher than 4-5 ° C. Pre-it is better to wipe it with a napkin and sprinkle with salt. Some mistresses practice such a storage option: they enclose the fish with nettle, garlic or caramel and store in a cool place. Light and heat make fish tasteless and very unpleasant to smell.

Now let's talk specifically about cooking. How delicious to cook fish. regardless of which fish are used and which method of preparation is applied to it? Everything is simple enough.

Try to cook fish on low heat. If you want to cook a fragrant fish - cook it in foil or on the grill. Cooking fish is the last thing you can do with a fish. When cooking, all the taste qualities of fish are lost. But the boiled fish is much more useful. It is less caloric. That's why boiled fish is used in diets.

Not salting the fish beforehand. This does not apply to storage of fish, because without the salt it spoils quickly. Before cooking you will still wash the fish and wipe it with a napkin. Do not salt it right before cooking.

To find out whether the fish. It is necessary to pierce the thickest part of the fish with a knife and see if the fibers are easily detached. If it's easy, the fish is ready.

If the fish turned out a little dry or harsh   - it is best to serve it with a garnish of peas, mushrooms, parsley, green beans or onions. You can use different sauces. Tomato sauce not only improves the taste of fish, but also adds piquancy.

The fish did not lose the taste quality   and liquid, it must be glued. In addition, from the breading the crust of fish is even more delicious, not to mention the meat itself.

If you serve fish. make sure that the salad and the side dish have already been cooked. Remember that the heated fish becomes tasteless. Do not try to keep it warm, hurry to serve hot!

Never do not water lemon salmon. It loses not only the color (it becomes pale), but the taste. But salmon, mackerel and herring is a fish that is just made for contact with lemon and spices based on citrus.

To tasty fish. trying to maintain its quality, you need to use whole fish or pieces that are cut across the fibers. Before cooking, it is necessary to cut the skin in several places so that the fish does not break up during the heat treatment.

How delicious to cook fish. You do not have to go too far with spices and heat treatment. All the rest is on the conscience of the fish that you use in your culinary masterpieces. Try to be as cautious as possible about preparing fish dishes, so that there is no poisoning and unpleasant consequences. To do this, observe the storage rules and carefully read the shelf life of fish semi-finished products.