There are many contradictions about the medicinal and magical properties of pearls. The Japanese, for example, pearl is a tool which you can use to restore youth. But some believe that this stone carries the negative force of the moon, so afraid to wear it.

But what power hides the pearls? Let's face it. Pearls should only be worn in a silver frame. This jewel dies from the fumes of an unhealthy body. He is spoiled by fats and acids, he is very sensitive to dampness and excessive heat. Therefore, it is believed that pearls give an opportunity to a person who wears it, to objectively assess themselves, to review their principles and positions, to prevent mistakes. It has long been believed that the pearl dims if a person acts out of conscience, contradicting his moral standing.

Talk about physical properties of pearls. Pearls are plates of aragonite, which consists of calcium carbonate. The pebbles are white, blue, yellow (golden), black and red. There is also a sea and river pearl. One pearl contains 2% water, 12% comchiolin and 86% potassium carbonate. This stone is not transparent, its density varies: from 2.61 to 2.69% (black pearls) and from 2.175 to 9% (natural sea pearls). The hardness of the stone varies from 3.15 to 4 on the Mohs scale.

Healing properties

Pearl has a positive effect on the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines. He is able to relieve hypertensive attacks and perfectly stabilizes the nervous system. Since the stone reacts to changes in acid-base balance in the body, it is possible to define a new formation of various tumors. The stone can fade and lose its natural Shine. Pearl strengthens the body and increases vitality .

Magical properties

The ancient Egyptians believed that the stone brings longevity and beauty to its owner. You should know that Cleopatra wore all sorts of jewelry, pearls as well as every day drinking this drink: the pearl dissolved in vinegar and mix this mixture with pomegranate juice or milk cows. It is believed that the properties of the pearl affected the Queen for a very long time kept his youth and beauty.

The middle ages  not inferior to antiquity by believing in the magical properties of pearls. It was a custom that the bride on the wedding day was given a string of pearls, so that he strengthened the love of the faithful and guaranteed her fidelity to the groom. This gift was to be presented by the future husband or his parents. Such a decoration of the bride should not have worn every day, because it could bring misfortune, and it was allowed to wear a necklace only on solemn occasions.

His opinion was expressed astrologers. claiming that wearing pearls can only be in the form of bracelets and beads. But to wear this decoration can not everyone, because only strong-willed and confident people will receive a positive impact from the stone. Weak people fall under his negative influence, which will affect their organization and discipline. Also those who work with children, travels, or is a actor, won't be able to wear this stone and get it full force. Good luck and happiness, this stone will bring Aquarius and Pisces, and the remaining characters will still be able to wear it, but they should consider all the above features.

Talismans and amulets

One who wears pearls as a talisman will be able to establish close relations with people; this stone pacifies pride, knocks down pride and relieves vanity of its owner. Business people will feel the positive properties of pearls, if you need to make the right choice or make a deal.

And for you, dear women, the ancient Romans  prepared a surprise. If you become a happy possessor of a pearl thread, then open your arms for happiness and sweet dreams. This stone will also be a symbol of your wisdom and power.