For more than 70 years on the last Sunday of July is usually celebrated Navy Day. Day Of The Navy 2012. thus, for every 29 July.

The first Russian warship considered the "eagle", built by the project of Colonel Cornelius Vanbooven, the Dutch shipbuilder. The ship was created during the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich quietest. But official beginning of the history of the Russian Navy believe 1696 year. when a decision of the Boyar Duma was legally defined its creation. Peter and his companions knew that only the fleet will help the state to take a new step in development.

The goal of Peter I was the siege of the Turkish fortress of Azov. In the late 17th century in the shipyards of Voronezh Admiralty for this was built the first ships. but by the spring of 1700 was lowered into the water 113 40 rowing and sailing ships. Successfully solving the problem of Azov, Peter I decided to achieve out to the Baltic sea, and Russia took part in the Northern war with Sweden.

But enough of the past talk about the present. At the moment the Navy of the Russian Federation includes five strategic associations. The Baltic, Northern, black sea and Pacific fleets of the Russian Navy, as well as the Caspian flotilla of the Russian Navy.

In the Russian Navy includes surface and submarine forces, naval aviation, coastal defense troops, ships and vessels, special units, and units in the rear. Naval aviation is divided into coastal, deck, strategic, and coastal troops are divided into Marines and troops of the coastal defense.

Day of the Navy is a holiday in which we have the opportunity to pay tribute to the honor and glory to sailors. reliably standing guard over the national interests of the country, and to members of their families who have to endure the hard test of separation.

In many port cities this day, military parades and military sports competitions, themed competitions and quizzes, concerts. Some warships even arrange "open days" to civilians. Awarding the most distinguished servicemen also usually time it to this holiday.

If among your friends there are those who have dedicated their lives to service in the Navy, don't forget congratulate them on the Day of the Navy 2012. They are doing a great job standing on guard interests of the state. They and their predecessors, a generation of sailors, allow to maintain the prestige of the Navy, not allowed to fade of the glorious naval and military traditions.

Congratulations on the Day of the Navy 2012

* * *
The sailors are there —
The main thing is honor,
Before the Fatherland the duty of the Holy...
The rest you need at times!

On this day, as never before,
Have fun, gentlemen!
Hear all the continents,
Walk like sailors!

* * *
On the day of the Navy
I want to wish you,
  To be gone forever cares,
  To be lucky with shoulder to shoulder.

You're our pride and joy,
Stay thus always!
  Never be sad, do not!
  Let your house get by.

* * *
Wish a friend a sailor
Full of luck and health
That arrived in your shelf,
  To live with great love,

So faithful was the wife of
And to children give birth,
Let the whole country is proud!
  There are very few of them like you!

* * *
Seas-oceans you miles
Managed to pass without obstruction.
Wish seven feet under the keel
  And new victories on the way.

You're brave, you're strong and courageous,
You're a real sailor!
Always stay fearless
  So that the enemy and the enemy fell!

* * *
Vest sailor — good clothes.
She's hot as ever.
Wear it with honor, but always remember:
  On the beach waiting for you, relatives and friends.

Godspeed and smooth sailing and blue skies,
  And in life - very necessary and joyful miracles:
  When you're completely tired of swallowing sea salt,
  Let you suddenly meet a beautiful Assol.

* * *
You water furrow
You are the pride and power of the country!
Let it happen, what you want,
The fireworks are in your honor!

Let you always blowing in the wind,
And the sea will meet a light wave,
Let happy with the progress you kids
  They avoid failure by the side!