Crimea — is not only sea and beaches. This Peninsula has attracted the attention of many travelers, traders and conquerors since ancient times, making left on its territory a huge number of traces of history. In this article we will tell you what to see in Crimea. going there on vacation.

It is fair to start with the place that call the unofficial symbol of CrimeaSwallow's nest{!LANG-27c5d44590813553f3b8a016606c8d9c!}

The next place worth seeing in the Crimea, — {!LANG-f22a08477012c14cf1e84265da46e672!}. which is Palace of the Crimean khans. and in the suburbs — vintage cave city Chufut-Kale{!LANG-63257ee8d37023d3c9871082163e1504!}

We should also talk about Sevastopol. where can I look at the remains of the ancient Greek city of Chersonese, to visit the Museum of the black sea fleet, to go to Balaclava in the Museum of submarines. there are nearby ruins of fortress Chembalo. Hersonissos famous because this city began the spread of Orthodoxy among the Russian people. Regarding the submarine Museum, it must be said that until 1994, in his place was a secret plant for the repair of such weapons.

Also look in the Crimea is a mountain {!LANG-d2c14d4c62c69e7aa4444d11a9b469ca!}. namely, to climb on her, using the cable car. which includes Europe's longest unsupported span. The height of the mountain of 1,234 meters above sea level, and it is located just outside the town Alupka. In addition, the city is Vorontsov Palace{!LANG-8a41c1e80b1a2b25253a2648e602b647!}

We recommend to visit Nikitsky Botanical garden. which has the status of national heritage of Ukraine. It was built by order of Emperor Alexander I in 1812. Today in the garden there are more than 30 thousand species, varieties and hybrids of various plants.

In a list of what you can see in the Crimea, must be attributed waterfall Silver jets{!LANG-721d554560876d18a2351ab31ed14e15!}

It is also worth to say that in many of these places were filmed numerous feature films{!LANG-5282e5df4aaaa7445740409bf3bd3072!}