In modern society, the love relationship between a man and a woman decided to "legalize" marriage. However, it turns out, marriage marriage discord, and there are many different forms of marriage, each of which can have partners these benefits. The land of the Soviets tell you about what are forms of marriage .

Different forms of marriage isolated on several grounds, the main of which can be called legal (legal) effect of marriage. In Russia, as in most countries of the world legal force has only the marriage registered in the public registry offices. that is, official marriage. Such a marriage is the most common and accepted by society for granted.

In addition to the official marriage exists also the actual marriage   and the marriage of the church. Both these forms of marriage have no legal force and represent an alternative to a registered marriage. At the same time, the actual marriage, that is, the unregistered officially living together of a man and a woman and the management of their common economy, was condemned in society, but today this phenomenon is considered quite normal.

By the way, the actual marriage in the former Soviet Union known as the civil. but this definition is incorrect: a civil marriage is a marriage that takes shape in public authorities without the participation of the church. Thus, a civil marriage is not opposed to official marriage - it's one and the same.

Marriages are not only in its legal effect. There are many signs that can distinguish the different forms of marriage. So, nowadays there are such forms as the guest marriage, open marriage, temporary marriage, fake marriage, the unequal marriage (misalliance), etc. Some forms of marriage should be considered in more detail.

For example,guest and outdoor   Marriage is different from the traditionally accepted in modern society pair marriage in that the spouses do not observe the traditional principles of traditional marriage. In a married marriage, spouses do not have a joint farm, live separately and only see a few times a week or a month. An open marriage allows sexual relations of each of the spouses "on the side" by mutual agreement.

Today, in addition to traditional marriage are increasingly common marriages charm. for example, posthumous, same-sex. Some countries even recognized such forms of marriage as legitimate, but nevertheless in most countries such marital unions will not have any legal force.

Posthumous marriage is in cases where before the scheduled wedding is one of the future spouses dies. Such a marriage will usually need to give some benefits to the surviving partner acquires the status of a surviving spouse and receive all the law benefits or payments. The inheritance property of the deceased living spouse does not usually occur.

Same-sex marriage   - one of the most heatedly discussed forms of marriage today. In such a marriage, both spouses belong to the same sex, which is atypical for traditional public morality. Unisex marriages are allowed in 8 US states, in Mexico (registered only in Mexico City), in one of the Brazilian states. At the same time, a single-sex civil partnership, which is a more limited form of union than marriage, is allowed in many countries of Europe (for example, Great Britain, France, Germany), in Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries.

Among the variety of forms of marriage, you can even get confused. But whatever form of marriage. It is important that the marriage was entered into voluntarily, at the mutual desire and consent of both future spouses. A conscious and mature desire to marry is a pledge of his fortress and longevity.