Brandy is the name of a group of spirits that are produced by distillation of grape wine, berry or fruit mash. How to properly use this kind of drinks? The land of the Soviets tell how to drink brandy.

Brandy is divided into the three main types of - grape, brandy from the squeezes and fruit brandy. All types of brandy are usually consumed after a meal as a digestive. However, the use of each type of brandy has its own characteristics. Let's talk about how to drink brandy of each type.

Perhaps the most common type of brandy are grape, it is produced by the distillation of fermented grape juice. We have grape brandy   used to call cognac, but in fact this name applies only to brandy produced in the French province of Cognac.

Other the types of grape brandy   - it's French armagnac, Spanish sherry brandy (sherry-brandy), Greek metaxa, Armenian cognac (arbun), Moldovan divin, Bulgarian slab. Produce grape brandy in other countries (USA, China, Mexico, South Africa), where it is called simply brandy.

How to drink brandy? In principle, culture of the use of any grape brandy   not too different from the culture of cognac. but just in case, we repeat the general rules.

Brandy is served in glasses on a short stem with a wide bottom, tapering from the top (cognac glasses or snifters   ). Armagnac and aged cognac served in glasses for Armagnac, having a slightly more elongated shape.

Drink slightly cool (16 degrees), he can have room temperature. Before drinking brandy, hold the glass in the palms — this will enhance the flavor of the drink. Do not hurry, drink in small SIPS. Ingest drink should not immediately — hold it a little mouth to better taste revealed.

Brandy from scrap   made from pulp, bones and stems, remaining after the squeezing of grape juice. The most famous examples of brandy from the squeezes are Georgian chacha, South Slavic raka, Italian grappa. Usually brandy from the squeeze is chilled, not mixing with anything. However, rakiyu in winter drink heated, seasoning caramel, cinnamon or cloves and orange peel.

Fruit brandy   most often made from plums, apples, cherries, peaches, blueberries, raspberries and apricots. The most famous examples of fruit brandy are calvados (from apples), kirschwasser (from cherry), slivovitz (from plums), Framboise (from raspberry), Poire Williams (from pears).

How to drink brandy out of fruit? Unlike vine, it is usually served to the table, or by adding pre-cooled ice. Fruit brandy is also used to make a huge variety of cocktails. So, kirschwasser, for example, is well combined with liqueurs, champagne and vermouth.

By the way, a light cocktail of brandy can be served not after meals, and before, as an aperitif. In this case, brandy is usually combined with carbonated water, tonic, orange juice.

Snack if brandi? Grape brandy (including cognac) can be drunk without snacks. But it is permissible to combine it with chocolate, nuts, cheese, coffee or a cigar. A strong brandy made of cake to eat, as otherwise, very quickly a drunk.

As you can see, a simple answer to the question "How to drink brandy?" is quite difficult since the name "brandy" refers to rather to the technology of production of the drink. than to its specific variety.

So it's important to remember the most important rule: brandy - not a drink. it is not drunk during a meal. So drink brandy should either be before meals as an aperitif in a diluted form, or after a meal as a digestive in its pure form. And do not rush: brandy is savored.