There are different anniversary dates, wedding anniversaries, or anniversaries of working for the company. And, of course, the most common are the anniversary days of the birth — that is usually what mean, when you think about how to spend an anniversary. Several useful recommendations about carrying out of the anniversary will give the land of the Soviets.

Usually, anniversaries are celebrated on the anniversaries that are multiples of 10: twenty, thirty, forty, etc. in some cases I think anniversary and every 5 year anniversary. The anniversary is celebrated often much more solemn and magnificent. than a normal birthday, and therefore the preparation for the anniversary is always given special attention.

Anniversaries depends on the age of the celebrant. entertainment, suitable for the occasion of the thirties, and entertainment for the "golden" 50 years, of course, will be different. For example, a "young" anniversary can be held in a nightclub or in nature, whereas for "solid" anniversaries, usually respectable restaurants are chosen.

Preparation for any anniversary can be divided into several stages. making up a list of guests and choosing the location of the jubilee, making up a menu for a solemn feast, choosing a toastmaster, or independently composing a jubilee scenario, choosing a musical accompaniment. Next, everything in order.

Before you celebrate, a must to make the guest list  for the festival. This will help avoid embarrassing situations, when suddenly it turns out that all the guests did not have enough seats at the table, or, conversely, the ordered banquet hall remained half empty. It will also help to clearly define the budget for the anniversary.

On the anniversary it is customary to invite friends and relatives, work colleagues. Each guest should be required to present an invitation. especially if the celebration is to be official. At the same time, the invitation can specify not only the time of the jubilee, but also the dress code of the event, if any.

When the guest list is compiled, you can proceed to the venue of the anniversary. For the very modest number of guests can not book a private room in a restaurant or cafe, you may be able to accommodate only a few tables. But if the number of guests exceeds 20 persons, in this case, without a separate room is not enough.

If the anniversary is planned to spend in nature. then this eliminates many of the problems associated with the order of the hall in the restaurant, but at the same time gives rise to new ones. So, it is important to take care that in case of rain you can hide under a roof or a canopy, think over the issue of delivering everything you need to the venue of the celebration, as well as the transportation of guests.

The venue of the anniversary is usually associated with the selection menu of the festival. As a rule, in restaurants and cafes there are typical menu for a banquet, where among the offered options you can choose the suitable one. Also, the preparation of an individual menu is practiced, but not all restaurants provide this option, so it is better to discuss this nuance in advance.

When choosing the venue of the anniversary and the preparation of the festive menu is gone, it is the turn of preparation of the festive program. On an anniversary people of different ages are usually invited, which requires a very cautious and careful selection of entertainment programs. It is best to entrust the drafting of the script of the anniversary to a professional toastmaster who has experience of holding similar events. If you still decide to come up with an entertainment program yourself, but you need to remember that boring should not be any of the guests, and hence competitions or games should be designed for everyone.

The entertainment programme should carefully consider. For example, it's good when the jubilee is not only a traditional feast accompanied by dances and several competitions, but a whole exciting action dedicated to a certain topic.

So, as a leitmotif of the celebration to choose the retro theme. suppose that on one day, and the celebrant and guests will return to some period from the past, for example, the birth year of jubilee or the year of its anniversary the previous and year any remarkable event in the life of the celebrant. Another anniversary can be devoted to the theme of the "round date", which is celebrated in the decor of the Banquet hall and of course the dresses of the guests, the contests and the songs can be played up in different ways the number corresponding to the date.

On the anniversary of the well to prepare a slide show or video. dedicated to the jubilee. This entertainment will appeal to both young and older audiences. It will be fortunate if the guests themselves take part in the video: they can say a few sincere, kind words to the camera or behind the scenes, to share with all the interesting history about the hero.

Below to spend the anniversary. do not try to solve all the organizational issues. Better to invite his assistants a few more people, and all organizational responsibilities to share. Everyone will be responsible for their "front of work", and this will allow for more thorough preparation. If there is no opportunity to devote much time to preparing for holding an anniversary, the most rational decision is to invite a specialist from the event-agency for this purpose.