Many cat lovers know this is the problem, as the smell of cat urine in the apartment. Here went the cat to the toilet in the wrong place: on the carpet, sofa, laminate, tile or, worst of all, in the shoes of the guests. Blame the cat, as the risk to find a puddle in your shoes. And now you need urgently get rid of the smell of cat urine .

No need to scold the cat, because she always goes to the toilet in the wrong place. Start to understand the essence of the problem. Perhaps you poorly washed tray, or often enough to change it. Also, it is possible that the tray is too small for the cat, so it is uncomfortable.

Another reason for the cat made a puddle on the carpet can be stress or health problem. If the cat is scared, it really can go to the toilet on the carpet. Then you begin to scold the animal for its improper behavior, and in retaliation for such an attitude your cat can make another puddle. If the cat has problems with the bladder, the animal will not even notice its incontinence. In this case, you need to contact the veterinarian.

Shoes the guests, and yours too, could also be under threat. The fact that the shoes smell of something unknown to the cat. The most effective means, according to the cats, which will help mask the strange smell, it's own urine. That is to say, animal mark their territory. Now that we have figured out the reasons for your cat's inappropriate behavior and, if possible, eliminated them, it's time to learn how to remove the smell of urine.

Than to deduce a smell of the cat's urine

There are several tools that will help you get rid of the smell of cat urine. You can go to the store and buy there a special spray or liquid. Now on the market a lot of similar funds, but not all of them are effective. Choose those means which in their composition contain enzymes that Deplete the uric salts. By the way, the crystals of uric acid give this unpleasant smell, and it is very difficult to completely remove them from the surface. Even if you think that you completely washed the surface of the urine, you removed only the urea from the urochrome. But uric acid is only soluble with alkali and glycerin. After drying, uric acid crystallizes, but after falling on the crystals of moisture an unpleasant smell reappears.

If you are not able to purchase a professional tool for removing cat urine, you can always resort to folk. It is not recommended to use chlorine-containing means. as such cleaning is a danger to the health of the animal and can cause you allergies. Also, chlorine can spoil different coatings, including shoes.

In order to remove the smell of cat urine, you can use these home remedies: vinegar (always diluted in water), potassium permanganate, iodine, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide. If there the smell of cat urine on the carpet. you better use vinegar. Dilute table vinegar in water in a 1: 4 ratio. Apply this solution to the stain and soak it well with paper towels. Next, put some soda on the stain, and dissolve 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide in a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Be sure to test this solution on an unseen corner of the carpet, whether it will start to be painted. If not, bravely rub the liquid into the stain with a brush. Remains of dirt should be removed with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Such carpet cleaning should not only remove uric acid, but also urochrome (coloring matter) and other contaminants.

Now you need to know how to get the smell of cat urine from couch. Here you can also use vinegar, but you can resort to vodka, household soap or a solution of soda. The smell of vodka (or alcohol) cats do not tolerate, so on the treated with alcohol solution the animal will not go to the toilet. You can also wash the surface of the sofa with laundry soap.

The smell of cat urine in the Shoe   can also be derived by certain means. If the shoes made of fabric are damaged, then you can completely remove the smell after several washing in the washing machine. If you need to clean your leather shoes, then you need to use a solution of iodine or manganese. You can make a weak solution of potassium permanganate and wash your shoes. You can also use an iodine solution (take 10-20 drops for 1 liter of water), after which the shoes should be thoroughly dried.

As you can see, to get the smell of cat urine can be, but it's better not to bring the cat to the point that she goes to the toilet in the wrong place. And always be careful with means to drain urine. Do not use iodine, and potassium permanganate on fabrics. Hydrogen peroxide cannot be used on painted surfaces and tissues, as the latter can shed.

Cats just love the smell of chlorine. My already rolls on the floor, when you wipe it with bleach. Therefore, the cat will come again to mark this place! And potassium permanganate with vinegar will not save the situation. Now full of modern tools designed specifically for the removal of such smells. They are sold in pet shops like Beethoven. I bought OdorGone's remedy and I was very pleased with it!

The smell of urine cat from the couch DOES NOT LEARN ANYTHING. Sofa to the dump. Even if you thought you had smelled, ask people who came to visit, let them say it honestly. Often we do not notice the usual smells in the apartment.

you just have to destroy the bacteria that are in the cat's urine, all the smell from them. destroy bacteria that smell.