Everyone who first goes to the Northern capital of Russia, will surely wonder what to see in Saint-Petersburg. However, it should be noted that many have heard about the attractions of this city.

You must visit The Hermitage. which is also known as the Winter Palace. It is possible to see paintings by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Picasso{!LANG-79c672490627ab1fabdbc0c5ab1ef9d4!}

Also, see in St. Petersburg Peter and Paul fortress. which is a town museums{!LANG-e7c4c3d109ad92f815b7721fb41b9f17!}

In the heart of St. Petersburg is St. Isaac's Cathedral{!LANG-3866b0b760dbc66637582826d9d8486f!}

Be sure to schedule a walk through Summer Garden — the place, where once walked and found inspiration from the great musicians and writers. There is a large number of old trees, magnificent sculptures, a pond with birds and Tea House Of Peter. In addition, the garden offers a beautiful view of the Fontanka and the Neva.

Cabinet of curiosities. founded by Peter the great, is the first Museum of St. Petersburg. There are all rare things collected by the Grand Emperor: the unique collection of curiosities, and a collection of different national cultures. However, the Cabinet of curiosities is best known due to exposure of anatomical anomalies{!LANG-a561c7d9af9f85defb73673c3d501854!}

Worth a visit the Museum of the cruiser "Aurora"{!LANG-386b1820410cda32a938e0d2f6de0e20!}

The only one in Europe City sculpture Museum under the open sky located on the territory of Alexander Nevsky Lavra. In the Museum there are even the works of Auguste Rodin, made of marble. At the monastery buried Tchaikovsky, Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Suvorov, and many other famous people.

Classical music lovers are recommended to visit Philharmonic society. D. Shostakovich{!LANG-85e5a51bdd04e460dbb33bb05a8dcef3!}

This is not a complete list of places to see in St. Petersburg. Also need to mention state Museum-reserve "Peterhof". the Museum of political history of Russia Museum of the history of religion, wax Museum. the apartment-Museum of N. Rimsky-Korsakov, {!LANG-d0e6a4a567e46652d8268c7adfc20c15!}{!LANG-5f7c2eaa984c7b4214ca70e56bc23f24!}