The German city of Munich was founded in 1158, is the capital of Bavaria. In Munich there is a huge number of museums, palaces and parks that attract tourists from all over the world. In this article we will tell you what to see in Munich.

Acquaintance with the capital of Bavaria it is best to start with a guided walking tour of the Old city. Architectural illustration of the history of the founding of Munich is considered the Marienplatz square. where was the major events of the long history of the city. Deserves special attention Notre Dame. built in 1525 year. The construction of the cathedral lasted 57 years. The height of this structure reaches 99 meters, and inside it can accommodate about 4000 people.

You must visit hofbräuhaus Brasserie. which is also known as "the main beer of the world". It is believed that the one who was not in Hofbräuhaus, he was not in Munich.

The most visited Museum of the Bavarian capital is picture gallery "Alte Pinakothek". The Museum was founded in 1836 and today there are a huge number of works by masters of the middle Ages. Nearby is the so-called New Pinakothek. where works of artists of the XIX-XX centuries are collected.

Still worth a look in Munich Nymphenburg Palace. located in the Western part of the city. The construction of the Palace lasted from 1664 to 1675, under the leadership of architect Agostino barelli. The building is famous Gallery of beauties  with portraits of the 36 most beautiful women in Europe, including the mother of Emperor Franz Josef I of Sofia Bavarian, Irish dancer and actress Lola Montes and many others.

Also worth a visitthe Palace is Schloss Blutenburg — former hunting castle. Today its building is international youth library in Munich. The castle was built in the XIII century, but in 1440 it was rebuilt by order of Duke albert III.

In Munich is one of Europe's largest technology museums, which is known as The "Deutsches Museum". It was founded in 1903. The exposition of this museum includes all major discoveries made in the XX century. Here you can see the first submarines that took part in the First and Second World Wars.

Art Museum in Munich is located in the Villa of the painter and sculptor Franz von stuck. which was built in 1898. In addition to the creations of the first owner of the building, the works of many artists who worked in the period from the end of XIX to the beginning of the XX century are collected here.

One of the most interesting places in the capital of Bavaria is considered the BMW Museum. It presents the exposition of the motorcycles and cars of the same brand, released for all history of existence of the group. The Museum is open since 1972, however, in 2004-2008 it was closed for renovation. Every year this Museum is visited by over 250 thousand tourists.

The most famous Park in Munich is English garden. whose area is 4.17 square kilometers. The park was created by the garden architect Friedrich Ludwig Schkeel in 1792. Here people like to walk Munich, and the number of tourists visiting the park annually reaches 3.5 million.

Finally it is worth noting that in this article, we spoke about the most important and famous places to see in Munich. Attention of tourists deserve Glyptotek Museum, New town hall, st. Peter's Church. Olympic Park,amusement park Lego. Old courtyard, the church of the Azam brothers, the church of St. Michael and other sights.