Vienna is the Federal capital of Austria, which tourists from all over the world. This European city has a rich history and plenty of monuments. In this article we will tell you what to see in Vienna.

Discover the sights of the Austrian capital, as a rule, begins with the building of the Vienna State Opera. which is located on Ring Road in the heart of the city. The building is an excellent example of such an architectural style as the Baroque.

Definitely need to see in Vienna Hofburg  - one of the most monumental buildings of the city. Hofburg is the old residence of the Habsburgs, who ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The palace complex consists of 18 buildings and 19 courtyards. In the residence there are 54 staircases and 2600 rooms. The building was built from 1460 to 1496, and then was completed in 1770. Today there is the National Library, the Museum of Musical Instruments, and the famous Viennese boys' choir is housed in the palace chapel.

Also, be sure to visit the square in front of the building Neuburg. where there is a huge number of monuments and sculptures. Another point worth visiting is the Maria Theresa Square, where the twin buildings are located, whose architecture belongs to the Italian Renaissance. Today in these buildings are art historical and natural history museums.

Near prospect Ring is National Park and the Parliament building. in front of which is a magnificent fountain with a statue of Pallas Athena.

A symbol of Vienna is considered to be "the town hall of iron man". crowning the town hall, which was built in neo-Gothic style. In front of city hall has a large Park with many sculptures and fountains. Be sure to visit the Stadtpark, founded in 1862. In the spring of sculptures in this Park are literally drowning in a sea of blooming tulips. In 's Stadtpark  there is a monument to Johann Strauss, established in 1923.

Also deserves special attention of tourists St. Stephen's Cathedral. which is more than 800 years. The height of the highest tower of the Cathedral is almost 137 meters. Here is the famous PECs icon. written in 1676. In addition, on the territory of the cathedral are the tombs of kings, dukes and princes. Under the eastern half of the structure are the catacombs - an underground cemetery, built in 1732. On the northern tower, the largest bell in Austria, Pummerin, was cast, cast from captured weapons that were mined after the Turkish invasion in 1683.

One of Vienna's most beautiful sights is the Belvedere Palace. built on the orders of Prince Eugene of Savoy, the legendary commander who defeated the Turks. The Palace is famous because here in the beginning of XX century lived Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination in 1914 became a formal occasion of the beginning of the First world war.

From the modern buildings of the city increased attention of tourists is the so-called Hundertwasser house. built in 1986 by the order of the City Hall. The walls of this building are painted in different colors, and its windows are arranged randomly. There are no straight lines and sharp corners on the building.

In this article, not all the places to see in Vienna. In addition, pay attention to the surroundings of the Austrian capital, where an unusually beautiful nature, and is the former summer residence of the Habsburgs. Also remember that, unfortunately, it is impossible to see all the sights of the city with such a rich history at a time.