From the beloved New year holiday has its own long history that is rooted in the mists of time. Over a long period, the festival was changed, there were new traditions that have taken root, then forgotten. Beliefs and customs of other countries also influenced our celebration the tradition of the New year.

Let's start with the history of the New year{!LANG-7aaa06d477228912301d6aef32174353!}

But do not think that even today we have not appear all of a new tradition of celebrating the New year. Many can afford to go to celebrate the New year in other countries of Europe or Asia, and from there to bring some memories. And next year I want to celebrate the holiday, as it is done in another country. Here new traditions the New year and we have .

Chinese tradition the New year has also impacted on our holiday. According to the Chinese calendar, a symbol of each year is a specific animal{!LANG-f9836a1cbe638ef26f3ad40b042d2f9f!}

But it's all been certain influences from other countries. But we also have their own specific Christmas traditions and customs, which never forget. We must start to prepare for the feast. The table for the New year should be rich. therefore, the hostess cooks a lot of food, enough for everybody. As decoration on the Christmas table needs to be not only artificial Christmas trees and toys, but also fruits, nuts, wheat and rice — these foods symbolize prosperity.

There are other traditions of the New year, which concerns not only the preparation for the feast, but also money. In the year you did not have problems with money, on 31 December must pay all the debts that you have left{!LANG-f2fbdb8816b20b75f9241d6e3a20fb38!}

The new year is a noisy and cheerful holiday, which traditionally meet with relatives. Even if you had a fight before the holiday should check. Invite your relatives, so you can celebrate the New year all together. By the way, in the old days there was a tradition to entangle the legs of the table, which will celebrate the holiday with a rope. It was believed that this will help keep all family members together, i.e. till the next year no one will leave and there will be no sorrow and grief.

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No divination for the New year is also not complete. Young girls and boys can learn how the rest of their life next year, whether they will meet their half. Mother wondering whether all right to be with their children. And the elderly want to know whether they will live another year. But many simply make a wish in new year's eve and believe it will come true{!LANG-7a8893bca01338dd23b400030ebfa8f3!}