Valentine's Day can be safely called the main holiday for couples in love, therefore it is customary to celebrate it together with your beloved and without a romantic dinner. And on women's shoulders, except for the search for an original gift and a dress, often also come pleasant, but capable of making you think about the immediate preparation of this dinner. By and large, the food on the table will not be so important against the background of a general romance and a festive atmosphere, but as we all remember, the overall picture will consist precisely of such trifles, and that the evening is perfect, it is important to give proper attention to the selection of the festive menu.

Table setting for Valentine's Day – February 14

All women know that absolutely any beautifully decorated and served dish in itself creates a festive mood, so in the first place it is necessary to take care of the appearance of your romantic dinner. Start with the table: choose a beautiful tablecloth and choose a place where you and your "half" will be most comfortable - so that it's comfortable to sit, easy to approach and nothing to distract, and if you plan to watch movies - so that both of you can clearly see the screen .

If you do not have a suitable table or you do not want to move a bulky kitchen table, you can show your imagination and use alternative options - a coffee table, a bedside table, several chairs, a tablecloth covered with an ironing board or simply set up a table directly on the floor. In any case, you need to pick up beautiful dishes, napkins with a suitable pattern and stylish accessories for the table - various umbrellas, skewers, tubules, etc. It is also important not to forget to prepare the main attribute of an easy, romantic dinner on February 14 - candles, in advance take care of beautiful candlesticks (as they can use even ordinary glasses or glasses) and that at hand was what you will light them.

Menu planning for a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day.

When the holiday table itself is prepared, it's time to think of what to fill it with. Of course, the choice of the menu primarily depends on the gastronomic preferences, but given the reason, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  1. Do not prepare too nourishing and fatty dishes, it is better to let the young man remain a little hungry - this is more conducive to a pleasant continuation of the evening than to the point of refusal the full belly.
  2. Be very careful when choosing ingredients of dishes - any small thing can significantly spoil the impression of your efforts. If you are together not so long ago, try to know in advance what products your beloved likes most, and which, on the contrary, does not eat at all.
  3. Exclude from recipes "odorous" components – onions and garlic. Also try to avoid foods that are not very pleasant smell on the table – boiled eggs, fresh cabbage and salted fish.

Dishes for the festive table for Valentine's Day

To a beloved man was pleased, the table must certainly be his favorite dish, and most often - it's meat dishes. And since meat itself is not a very easy product, it is better to choose "semi-meat" - a bird or fish. Bake whole chicken or turkey for Valentine's Day, perhaps, will be too, but you can come up with a variety of alternative dishes, for example - envelopes from chicken breasts with cheese and mushrooms or fillets baked in creamy sauce. Also for a romantic dinner, light salads with vegetables (for example, Greek or "Caesar") and various snacks and tartlets are perfect. "For sweet" instead of cakes and pastries, it is better to prepare a fruit salad or desserts with whipped cream, ice cream or soufflé.