Salon treatments against cellulite – one of the most popular and expensive services. Massages, wraps and treatments body mask help to remove cellulite. Along with beauty treatments all professionals suggest proper nutrition and sports.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time and money on the fight against cellulite. The purpose of salon procedures is systematic purification of the body and regulation of blood circulation.

But at home, you can achieve the same effect. Strengthening blood circulation, removing toxins, toxins and excess fat from the body, tightening the skin - all this can be provided by the usual home procedures.

Anti-cellulite scrub at home

Help to get rid of cellulite can be a coffee scrub. Such a scrub is suitable for all possible degrees of cellulite, from almost imperceptible to pronounced. Use scrub regularly, from two times a week. Apply it with massage movements for several minutes, then the procedure will be effective.

Many homemade anti-cellulite scrubs recipes take into account the main features of cellulite treatment. The use of scrub is combined with massage, which makes the flow of blood to problem areas more intense. In addition, the composition of coffee scrub includes products that have a tonic effect, then its effectiveness is enhanced.

For example, caffeine provides a natural lifting effect. Adding vitamins A and E makes the skin more taut. Home anti-cellulite scrub almost does not differ from professional tools, in which the main set of effective ingredients is: caffeine, retinol (vitamin A), ginkgo extract and aminophylline.

The two most important components, caffeine and retinol, can be found and used at home. The source of caffeine can be ground coffee or coffee grounds. The thicket itself will be an excellent means for tightening the skin. Make anti-cellulite scrub at home is very simple. Ready scrub can be stored in the refrigerator.

Or each time to do a new batch. From coffee scrubs there is one important feature – the coffee makes the skin darker. If you leave coffee on the skin up to 20 minutes, you can see how much darkened the skin. This effect can be used as an alternative remedy for sunburn. But it is important to ensure that the staining of the skin is uniform.

Anti-cellulite body scrub with ground coffee is an effective and inexpensive tool that should be in the arsenal of every woman. So, you will need: ½ cup ground coffee ¼ cup brown sugar olive oil Use a coffee scrub better in the bathroom so that the crumbling particles do not stain the floor. Scrub is used in small amounts, then it is easier to wash off the skin.

Photo recipe coffee scrub their hands

1. In a small bowl, mix the ground coffee and sugar.

2. Pour the resulting mixture into a closable container with a wide neck.

3. Apply the olive oil to the problem areas.

4. Open the jar with a mixture of coffee and sugar.

5. In a circular motion, apply the mixture to the problem areas.

6. Massage intensely for several minutes.

7. Rinse off the coffee scrub with warm water. After applying the product, the skin will immediately become more even and taut. Regular use of anti-cellulite scrub from coffee will make the skin smooth and beautiful. Combining proper nutrition and moderate exercise, you will get rid of the expressed cellulite in problem areas.