Do we know how and the smell of our apartment or house? Probably not, as used to his "apartment" smell, but anyone who comes to visit us, silently or aloud will celebrate the smell in the apartment.

In the end, we ourselves can assess in one way or another (neutral, or maybe negatively) the smell that reigns in the apartments of our friends, acquaintances, relatives ... In short, every apartment or house has its own specific odor.

Often people do not notice such a problem in view of the fact that they do not smell in their apartment (which is called "sniffed"), and in fact sometimes this can create uncomfortable conditions for guests! Different owners always have different smells in the house, due to one or another of the circumstances: malicious smokers who do not want to go out on the balcony or a landing, or pets that create an extraordinary "fragrant" atmosphere.

But there is a problem of the following character: how to get rid of the smell of medicines in the apartment? Have you moved to a new apartment where an old grandmother lived? Often in such cases, the apartment can be soaked with the smell of medicines.

Various kinds of medical preparations (injectable, corvalol, Vishnevsky ointment, etc.) emit sharp unpleasant odors, as a result of which the latter are absorbed into all surfaces and objects in the house: wallpaper, cabinets, sets, clothes, etc.

In another case, as already mentioned above, guests come to you and complain of an abundance of medicinal odors, which sometimes just presses on their nervous system.

So what to do, how to get rid of the smell of drugs in the apartment? There are lots of options, and we will consider each of them in detail, including the "folk" methods of getting rid of the smells of medicines in the apartment:

1. Lemon. Strangely enough, he is a strong scavenger of odors. Cut a few large lemons, place them in a container with warm water and then rinse all surfaces and objects that can be cleaned with this water: soft furniture, carpets, wallpaper, cabinets, etc. Use a brush for cleaning.

2. Activated carbon. The basis of many cleaners designed to absorb the smell in the apartment. Buy in a pharmacy (Yes! Pharmacy can help us to solve the question of how to get rid of the smell of drugs in the apartment) 10 packs of coal, grind it into powder and then put the powder in various places in the apartment, preferably hidden from our eyes (so as not to take by mistake for the garbage). To perform this method, preferably after the first paragraph. In a month you need to refresh the activated carbon.

3. If the smell of medicines is felt when you open the cabinet, you can try the following method: add coffee beans to the cabinet ... Ground coffee beans! Pre-treat the cabinet with a solution of ammonia.

We just listed some of the folk remedies, how to get rid of the smell of medicines in the apartment. The methods are definitely working and will perfectly help clean your house of unpleasant odors.

But you can also use traditional proven tools:

1. Deodorants - air fresheners. Remarkably absorb unpleasant odors, incl. and smells of medicines in the apartment.

2. Adsorbents (solid absorbers) - in their composition activated carbon (see above). Adsorbents are stored in pouches or boxes with holes.

3. Use of aromatic crystals - air fresheners of new generation. No need to breathe more aerosol while spraying. Aromacrystal will help get rid of the smells of medicines in the apartment in a matter of days.

4. Air cleaners, ionizers. A more expensive option, however, is highly efficient. Ionizers clean the air in the house of various kinds of odors, bacteria, suspended particles and viruses. Very useful for people with allergies or asthma.

Now you know how to get rid of the smell of medicines in the apartment, and let your house smell is always just nice.