The art of giving gifts is to be able to please your loved one. That's why, even when there is no opportunity to present an expensive gift, do not be upset and give up.

In many cases, the smallest thing in which you put your warmth and love, can bring much more pleasure than an expensive gift.

And first of all it concerns gifts, which we give to relatives and native people. Do not know what to give your dad for a birthday? Make him a gift with your own hands, he will appreciate it!

Gift to dad on birthday with his own hands

It is a mistake to think that men are not so sentimental as women. A gift made with one's own hand will be a memorable and most precious gift for them, you can not even doubt it! So, you can write, for example, a congratulation in a bottle. " For this, you need to take a piece of paper with a pre-written message, roll it into a tube and place it in a glass bottle with a stopper.

If your bottle is colorless, then it must also be decorated. Fill it with small seashells and colored sand, and you can make a beautiful label. A birthday card for your dad for your birthday will also be a great surprise. To make it, all suitable materials are suitable: paper, colored cardboard, beautiful cloth scraps, foil, etc.

A lot of ideas for making postcards can be easily found today on the open spaces of the Runet. Naturally, it all depends on your skills. For example, many craftsmen can make beautiful notebooks with their own hands, using only dense cardboard and tetrad sheets. This will not only be a valuable gift for the pope, but also very useful.

Those who love modeling can make a keychain from polymer clay. It can be an abstract suspension or some funny figure. The main thing is a good idea, and your father should appreciate your gift. If you work perfectly on the computer, namely know the program Photoshop, you can perform an amazing collage of family photos. You can also make a new frame with your own hands for old photos.

Stand for pens and pencils with his own hands

As you already knew, there are a lot of ideas for making a gift for the pope on his birthday. We will provide you with a master-class with a photo, how to perform a stand for pens and pencils. This is a very useful thing, since everyone knows that handles have the ability to disappear at a time when they are very necessary.

So, for the manufacture of stands for pens we need:

Empty plastic bottle;

First of all, you need to cut out a prepared glass from a prepared plastic bottle for pens, then:

1. Draw two identical contours on colored paper, for example, a fox and a papule-fox. Animals can be absolutely any, everything depends only on your personal desire.

Those who are difficult to draw and cut out every detail can make a general outline on the cardboard and additionally beautifully color the animal with felt-tip pens or paints. For professionals in drawing, we suggest drawing and cutting the muzzle yourself, while the rest can use special templates.

2. When the pattern is ready, cut out both contours and glue one of them onto a solid sheet of paper or cardboard.

3. Glue the second colored contour to the white side of the cardboard. Thus, the animal must become completely colored.

4. The next step is sticking the animal to the cut of a plastic bottle to a Cup for pens. Don't forget to stick the muzzle of the Fox.

How to make a wonderful gift for the Pope on February 23 with his own hands

5. The edge of the glass is painted and decorated according to your desire. Here's a gift for Dad for a birthday!