The art of making postcards with your own hands is called "cardmaking", which in English translates as "cards by hand."

In general, it is necessary to say that the concept of card-making has existed for a long time, although it became so popular today due to the rapid development of the sphere of polygraphy.

Yes, in the modern market there are a lot of postcards of different designs, but they still lack something. And, most likely, it's sincerity, individuality and warmth. Everyone who makes postcards independently invests in them a piece of himself, which is why such a gift is very valuable.

Greeting card for mom with your own hands

So, for the example of making a postcard to mom, we'll show you how easy it is to do it yourself. At once we enumerate what materials will be needed for this:

Paper in a cage and pink paper of high density (for the cover of a postcard);

A small piece of white chiffon;

Tape or lace (10-15 cm);

Homemade flowers of different sizes and stamens for them;

Beads for flower core;

Glue PVA, a simple pencil, a stationery knife;

Scissors and hole punch shaped

Greeting card for mother: a master class

When all the items and materials are prepared, you can start working. The first stage: Of thick paper, the one that is in the cage, you need to cut out the base for the future postcard, the size of 30 x 14.5 cm. From the same pink paper, cut a rectangle 13x9 cm. Place it on the base and carefully decorate the corners with a punch.

The second stage: Choose a piece of lace, suitable for the size. Place it under a rectangle of pink paper. A scrap of chiffon is collected with a pin in the "accordion" or "skirt" (this becomes a flower ornament).

Third stage: It is necessary to assemble the flower itself. To make this card for your mother, you can use ready-made cotton flowers with your own hands. Very beautiful look and flowers, made by themselves with the help of special tapes and cardboard. To the prepared flower it is necessary to paste a stamen. You can make stamens from a thin thread and beads, fixed at the ends. Flowers and stamens are glued together, and the middle is additionally decorated with a large half-bead.

Fourth stage: Now you need to take the white paper and cut out the rectangle from it. With the help of a stamp we make a congratulatory inscription on the postcard for my mother, although if you have a beautiful handwriting, then the inscription can be made independently.

Fifth stage: Finished details on the basis of lay out each in its place. Sixth stage: Very carefully glue lace, then a pink rectangle, a flower, chiffon and an inscription. In order to give this postcard volume, you can use special glue pads, as well as double-sided tape.

Seventh stage: A postcard for the mother can be decorated with decorative butterflies, made beforehand with the help of a figure puncher. Those who do not have the opportunity to use a figured punch, butterflies can be cut with ordinary scissors. Naturally, they will not all be the same, but this will not make the overall composition of the postcard worse.

Eighth stage: Here is practically a postcard for mom with your own hands and ready, it remains only to write wishes and congratulations!

And in general, it must be said that there are a lot of ways to make postcards with your own hands, let alone postcards for your beloved mothers! Fantasize, create, and most importantly - invest your soul in your gift, and it will surely become the most memorable and valuable! Good luck!