The health effect and useful properties of puer tea are legendary. In China, it is considered a panacea, and scientists confirm that Puer really has a positive effect on the overall health of a person. But for this tea to retain its useful properties, you need to know how to make the right puer.

After participating in at least one real tea ceremony, it is impossible to forget. This is an amazing combination of unique taste and a very special mood. It is quite possible to arrange such ceremonies at home. The main thing is to follow the following rules.

Rule one: no sweeteners! Sugar deprives any tea of ​​its natural taste and aroma. And if it's Puer tea, then its purifying effect is most palpable only when it is used without any extraneous additives.

Rule two: you only need to make Puer tea in glass or porcelain. Clay teapot can be impregnated with other smells, which distorts the unique flavor of this tea drink.

Rule three: to properly brew tea Puer, you need to be very careful about the choice of water. Rain, spring water or well water is best. The ideal solution in urban conditions will be filtered water, in which for a day you need to put shungite stones. In any case, the water should be "soft".

Rule four: before you make tea Puer, you should scald the kettle with boiling water, so that it warms up from all sides.

Puer tea can be cooked in two ways: by brewing and boiling. At the same time for Shu Puera requires a steep boiling water, and for Shen Puer (green) - water with a temperature of 80-90 degrees.

Extruded Puer tea is usually packaged in the form of small pellets or briquettes. As to brew PU-erh pills is impractical, and wrong, it is necessary to separate the desired part of the 3-5 grams of tea leaves for 1 person for 200 (for brewing) or 100 (for cooking) ml of water.

Video: how to brew puer

How to brew compressed tea

1. Pour dry tea into the kettle and fill it with boiling water, which must be drained immediately (after 15-20 seconds) - this water is not drunk. Tea after that begins to "breathe".

2. A minute later, you can brew pu-er. To do this, pour the tea with water, let it brew for three minutes and pour the drink into the cup.

Many newcomers to the tea ceremony are interested in how many times one can make the same Puer. Tea tea can be infused 3 to 7 times. The amount of brewing depends on the quality and quantity of the tea leaf.

The second way of cooking Puer-boil tea - fully reveals its magical properties. But remember that boiled Puer can only be used once, and it is not suitable for re-brewing.

1. Pour water and put on fire.

2. The required amount of PU-erh pour into a glass and pour cold water.

3. The boiling water in the kettle must be stirred with a spoon in order to form a funnel, into which it must be poured from the glass, brought to a boil and allowed to simmer for about 30 seconds.

4. Turn off the fire, cover and let the Puer stay until the tea leaves settle. Then you can pour the tea into cups.

If someone at least once senses tea intoxication by puer, he will not forget these sensations ever. After all, that feeling of incredible peace and tranquility, which gives this tea, can not be obtained from any other drink in the world.