Autumn brings us Golden and Burgundy leaves that are colored rug carpet the ground, semi-fresh air and the last warm days. Sometimes, of course, it's raining, but he can't spoil the mood.

Autumn gives us the most unusual and cheerful holiday - Halloween. He used to know us only from American films in which children dressed up in ridiculous or terrible clothes, went home, played out neighbors and demanded a fee in the form of a treat. But every year it becomes more and more popular in Russia.

Few people think about religious origins and traditions, children and adults dream of giving themselves free will and have fun. In addition to the costume, it is worth considering and about make-up, today we will tell about the coloring of the face on Halloween.

How to paint face for Halloween

Masquerade is not the first century loved by people of different ages, belonging to all social strata. It's not just a holiday, it's an opportunity hiding behind the mask, to reveal the most secret desires, to manifest the possibility that there is no place in the routine of everyday life. The creation of the costume and paint the face demonstrates the creative potential, don't be afraid of colors, and you will not go unnoticed.

Before proceeding to makeup, to stock up on materials and tools, remember that ordinary paint will not do, they can cause Allergy, moreover, are badly washed out. Exit – face painting. What are its advantages? First, the paint is water-based and absolutely safe for the skin. Second, the light texture does not require special skills for application. It is also important that make-up doesn't melt in the sun. Washed off easily with soap and water.

Run for the make-up in a special shop will not have it in any office supply Department. If you find failed – replace the wax-based inks, but keep in mind that they often cause allergies. Application equipment will be a small sponge or a sponge. The dye will fall evenly, will not crack. With a brush convenient to create the contours. Do not forget to buy the cream Foundation under makeup.

How to paint face for Halloween

The most traditional way to decorate the face on Halloween is to create images of the skeleton or vampire. The basis will be the same: pale gray face. The next stage is dark circles under the eyes. Don't spare black paint. To sharpen the nose, apply darker shades on the sides. The skeleton you can paint over the black tip of the nose.

Sharp cheekbones will also help dark paint, hollow cheeks simulate a horizontal line, held just below the "apples" cheeks from the temples to the bridge of the nose. If you can not create a complex image, and you want to look terribly beautiful, then a pale face and blue under the eyes will help you in this.