The bright, full of joyful emotions of rest in Holland comes to an end and it is already necessary to collect suitcases to fly back home, but ... what to take with a memory? So that you do not have similar questions, and you already knew in advance which interesting souvenirs to bring from Amsterdam, we will tell you in this article.

Indeed, going on vacation or on a business trip to this or that country, there is always the question of buying gifts, souvenirs and other interesting things, connected primarily with this country. Speaking of Holland, you can safely say that solving the problem of "souvenir-shopping" will be much easier than you imagine.

No, it does not go now about the notorious fridge magnets or postcards with images of attractions - Holland is attractive for its special souvenirs.

Flower bulbs

The most important attribute among souvenirs and other gifts is "for home". It is practically inconceivable to imagine this country without colorful beautiful bright tulips. In this regard, the ideal time to visit the Netherlands is the spring months.

Of course, in Amsterdam, as in other large and small cities in the country, you can literally at every corner buy bulbs of tulips and other beautiful flowers. There is only one big "problem": a huge selection of flower varieties! You will have to choose among several hundred kinds of tulips, about five hundred varieties of narcissus, a considerable amount of hyacinths and other floral plants.

A couple of useful tips on how to buy flower bulbs in Holland

1. Despite the fact that bulbs you can offer to buy in any places in the same Amsterdam, try to avoid dubious places to buy and choose only special flower markets. In the above-mentioned capital of Holland is the largest flower market - Bloemenmarkt. What is remarkable about it is that the bazaar is a floating structure and moves along the channel Singel.

2. Buy bulbs in packaged form. When you get on a plane to fly back home, you can hand over them in Luggage without fear of problems with customs control (there is a risk that, Provost bulbs hand Luggage, you can ban their import into the territory of the Russian Federation or CIS countries).

One more thing: when buying bulbs of tulips and other flowers in the spring time, consider the time of their planting - not earlier than autumn. The probability is also great that the flowers can not germinate. Consult with experienced flower gardens how to germinate Dutch bulbs.

Other important Souvenirs from Holland

Besides these flowers, it's not a sin to buy a present and ... wooden tulips! They seem to differ little from the genuine ones, as they are made at the highest level: both a cutting from a tree, and a coloring pleases the eye of any tourist.

Since we are talking about wooden products, we can not help mentioning the so-called kloppah - shoes made of wood. Surprisingly, in Dutch villages to this day, some people walk in such shoes. Mill. Be sure to buy a wooden souvenir in the form of a mill - the main symbol of the Netherlands.

The players and just fans of football. The attributes of the "Ajax"club

Scarves, balls and T-shirts with the symbols of the famous Dutch club, boots, pipes and much more - all this you will find in a special shop located in the stadium area of ​​the Amsterdam Arena.

Edible gifts

Among the drinks in Holland is famous for the alcoholic Genever (juniper vodka), and from the food you will certainly like the world-famous real Dutch cheese.

The Red light district and hemp products

Perhaps a sex shop is what you need. In the country of legalized prostitution there is a large number of shops of this orientation. As for hemp, buy yourself and your family clothes from this glorious plant.