Halloween originated as a festival of the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland, later with the advent of Christianity, it is, slightly modified, became known as all saints Day. He was strongly linked with the appearance on earth of all evil.

Today, few people remember the traditions of the past, and on October 31 this is just an opportunity to have fun and try on the costume of the dweller of the other world, and also to play tricks on neighbors and eat sweets. If you pretend to be the most terrible or funny ghost, vampire or ghoul, then we'll tell you how to dress up for Halloween.

Someone to dress up as for Halloween

So, who dresses up for Halloween? The choice depends entirely on your imagination, the theme of the party you are going to, and also the degree of relaxedness. One of the symbols of the holiday is the Lamp of Jack (Jack-o'-lantern). To create it, a pumpkin is taken, the flesh is cleaned, a face is cut with a knife with an ominous grin, and a lighted candle is put inside.

In the tradition of the British, it was decided to cut lamps from vegetables, they were used for rituals. Later, the candle in the pumpkin became a talisman of the house, was not allowed in him the forces of evil. The child happily going as a pumpkin. To make it easy, using paper, paint and a frame made of metal wire. Complement the outfit green hat and funny Slippers. The least popular costume for girls will be the naughty witch outfit.

It is impossible to imagine without a black pointed hat and broom. Disheveled hair and a torn torn outfit will complement the picture. Make-up is also important: a green or pale face, a hooked nose, warts ... That's our witch! Boys like to dress up as well. The good of my mother there is always a white sheet.

Photo: original outfits for Halloween

Adults also love to have fun on all saints ' Day, but their party is much less harmless, and the list of treats includes not only sweets and cakes. Let's discuss the most original costumes at the celebration. Girls tend to look not only scary, but also extremely sexy. Dead bride witch, vampire, zombie, these topics are traditionally popular.

The bride of Dracula will be approached by an erotic leather corset, tight trousers or a mini skirt and, of course, white fangs, from which blood drips into the exquisite decollete. More brave girls move away from tradition and choose original dresses for Halloween. Charming Alice from the book with the same name, sexy fairy or Snow White with pleasure will have fun among zombies and ghouls. Nurse dress in a short white dress with a red cross excites the imagination of all men.

Add a festive note, drawing bloody spots and handing the girl a scary scissors. Movies are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. When a young man can feel like a superman? Of course, on Halloween! As a companion, a Wonder Woman, a Cat Girl or a Storm of the X-Men will suit him. The Addams family became the most mystical television couple, so Mortis and Gomez, as well as their children: Pugsley and Wensdi are welcome guests on the holiday.

In a separate category, you can identify very strange and inexplicable outfits for Halloween. "Sweet" couple: scrambled eggs and bacon do not arouse horror, but cause a wolfish appetite; clowns and clowns of all kinds are not at all like Popov or Nikulin. If you want to smash everyone on the spot (and in the literal sense of the word), you can repeat one of the costumes of Heidi Klum: a man without skin.