Many teachers and teachers have to study a large amount of literature to spend an unusual evening during the New Year holidays. But, unfortunately, all methodical literature repeats material from books that were published before. Therefore, we suggest that you start writing the script yourself.

Thanks to the presented recommendations, you can write a unique scenario of a New Year's children's matinee, at school or kindergarten. New Year has long been the most welcome, fun and memorable holiday for children. Children expect that a miracle will happen, they will receive magic surprises and gifts.

If the script is repeated from year to year, children and adults can quickly lose interest in acting. So we need a little imagination. The New Year's party in the kindergarten should correspond to the age of those children for whom it is organized. You need to know how the children are prepared for whom you are writing the script.

In one middle group there can be a matinee, the scenario for which is written for the middle group, and in another middle group it is quite possible to organize a morning performance according to the scenario for the senior group. The child should according to his level of development correspond to the material that you prepare for him. Too complex program will be in jeopardy, and children will not get pleasure from the holiday.

Every New Year's number, song or dance, must be carefully prepared. Learn them with kids, sew costumes of heroes of fairy tales or cartoons and children's and adults, if they too take part in the holiday. Invite Santa Claus in advance, give him a script to prepare. There may be several scenarios if you are preparing a holiday in several groups.

Scenarios new year's morning   can include many attributes, so before the start of the matinee prepare a table or trays, on which you can lay out everything you need for a holiday. You may need a music center, CDs, several musical instruments, game items. You will need sockets for connecting equipment, extension cords, so you do not have to do it right during the holiday.

For writing the script   It is both a verse form and prose. Children more like script in verse than simple texts. Children are worried, lost, and it is much easier for them to learn the quatrains. If you have never written poetry before, you can use the computer program "rhymes". New Year's matinee at the school should take place with musical accompaniment, when heroes leave, scenery changes, a break takes place in action.

For the idea of ​​a scenario   you can use your favorite cartoon kids. For example, if you write a script about how a pike with Emelya celebrates New Year's holidays, or how the New Year celebrates in Madagascar, then such a matinee will appeal to both children and their parents. There must be a lot of surprises in the script. All your unexpected notions and characters should remain a mystery to the audience before the show starts. You can slightly open the veil of secrecy.

Christmas party 2014   is already around the corner, and very soon it will be time to start training for him. Among your heroes must necessarily be Santa Claus, who will prepare good gifts for obedient children. At the end of the matinee, children and positive heroes must necessarily defeat the dark forces. Children should not be given negative roles.