Each family has its own mushroom preferences: someone, throwing all the things, breaks out into a week's layer of mushrooms, summer chanterelles are dear to someone, but for me a better fungus than a modest autumn black-head was and will not be. Let's leave him the usual name of the black birch bark, although many authors who give their recommendations for collecting and harvesting these mushrooms do not even know what it looks like. Well, get acquainted.

This is how he describes himself in his youth. The body is dense, the hat is round, the crazy dynamics of the lines. Not a mushroom, but a fairy tale. Contrary to popular belief, this fungus is not a single, but a group one, i.e. growing large family. And the main hunting interest is to find the leader of the pack. If there are less than 10 pieces in the mushroom group you collected from one place, then someone else was hunting you, or you are a hunter yourself.

Where and why to look for the black boletus mushrooms

On the second question my answer will be quite obvious. It is not every mushroom picker who can find brittle heads in dense grass or even on open mossy spaces. The dark hat on the background of the blackening autumn foliage, and even covered with the fibers of the withered grass - this is a grandiose mystery for any budding mushroom picker. But in the first position, we already have excitement, which leads our body and mind into motion.

Secondly, this amazing mushroom is afraid to visit the forest worm parasites. Those mushroom pickers who brought home baskets filled with pads and sacks, know perfectly well that the black birch bark - a mushroom is absolutely clean, sometimes even surpassing the stability of its red relatives. So, there is already a necessary arsenal for winter harvesting.

Even grown up in not the most favorable conditions, black birch, which look something like this become a serious booty in the war with the mushroom God. The question of where grow these wonderful mushrooms, I will answer truly: in the swamp. And what do you want, we have in Russia, all the miracles only in the swamps and you will find.

I want to clarify that the blackhead mushroom can reach in diameter not nine, but 20 cm, while remaining strong, powerful and ready for any use. The leg on the cut darkens (a bluish-green hue), and this is also a sign of a real fungus. Collect this miracle of nature without fear of fakes, doubles and false fellows. To our great happiness, Mother Nature could not create an analogue of this fungus.

Any mushroom picker, who from the end of August to the beginning of October does not hesitate to ride in electric trains, having clumsy swamp boots on himself, is guaranteed to provide his family with not just tasty, but surprisingly beautiful mushrooms - blackheads. Suppose that you believed us, went to the nearest to your dacha section hmychniki and brought the full basket of sun-playing blackheads. What to do with them further?

Pickle, dry, salt mushrooms chernogolovki

Developments with this miracle mushroom can occur in this sequence. The best specimens (small and sturdy), boiled and pickled, along with other mushrooms, will give your winter preserving a special piquancy. Dark fighter in the background of puny oil or fat porcini – it's something.

When you calmed the kids in the marinade, talk to their older brothers: black birch bark - an ideal raw material for drying and salting. Even in the rainiest, damp summer, the hats of these mushrooms practically do not accumulate moisture, so any drying procedure proposed by us in the article "How to Dry Mushrooms at Home" is ideal for our beauties.

Remember that black hair, like any other fungus with a strong intercellular communication, allows you to produce blanks without a special division into fragments. Agree, soak, boil and use for culinary purposes better large mushroom fractions than dried mushroom dust.

All the rest, the black-headed gang gathered by the works of your family, including the feet of mushrooms that you did not like for marinating and drying, we sincerely advise you to pickle, that is, add another unusually pleasant note to your mushroom assortment. All my guests, catching from the dish with salt mushrooms black hair, usually say "Va-a-x." What do you want!