We all know a well-known proverb: "how you will meet the New Year, and you will spend it". But if you drop all superstitions and traditions, why not choose a hot country for a meeting of a long-awaited holiday, where you can have an unusual and fun time? And for this you can go to Turkey! However, it can hardly be called hot in winter, on the other hand, there is a chance to see Turkey as you have never seen it before!

Holidays in Turkey in winter

Celebrating the New Year in Turkish resorts is unusual also because it means changing the scenery we used for the whole two times: first, if you have never celebrated winter holidays in a warm climate, then in itself the stay in Turkey will be in a wonder. And secondly, the winter here is quite different from the hot summer months.

Happy New Year or Mutlu Yillar!

There are several reasons why it's worth to fly to Turkey for New Year and Christmas:

1. Cheap rest. During the low season, that is, just in the winter, beach resorts will be very cheap, and the quality of service will remain unchanged! Yes, the water in the Mediterranean Sea at this time is not warm (17-19 degrees), although the bravest can cheer up, diving a bit in it.

But if you do not want to freeze the sea, offering a huge pool with sea water and heated. In addition, fans of baths and saunas can relax in the Hammam, which promotes full body relaxation. Spa treatment also helps you recover after hard working days.

2. Ski resorts in Turkey. To date, these are the only resorts in hotels where guests' meals are provided by the all-inclusive system. The ski service itself is very developed. You can safely ride on small trails, and fans of extreme can try more heaped roads. Of course, the prices here are significantly lower than in the European ski resorts, whether there are Switzerland, Italy or France.

3. A wide choice of excursions. It happens that in the summer you have to give up some excursions (for example, in the notorious Cappadocia) in favor of a beach resort. In winter, it is possible to visit various Turkish places with pleasure, without regretting the time spent.

4. Finally, another reason: thermal springs. They are located in Yalova, Kangal and Pamukkale.

How celebrate New Year in Turkey

Turkish Grandfather Frost - Noel Baba - can meet you in any city of the country: at least in the capital of Ankara, even in romantic Istanbul. In the latter, by the way, a large number of Christians live. In the tourist south, everything is celebrated: both Catholic Christmas and New Year.

Usually on the evening of December 31, any hotel offers its entertaining cheerful program for guests. New Year's disco, soap bubbles show, swimming in the pool with warm water - agree, very unusual New Year, which will surely be remembered for a long time!

A mandatory attribute of the New Year celebration in Turkey is the colorful fireworks at 12 o'clock in the morning. So, summing up, you can note the following places in Turkey, which you must certainly visit on New Year's and New Year's days: most of the rest, perhaps, should be given to "winter-winter" rest, and this, mainly, the south of Turkey (Antalya, Kemer, etc.) . Be sure to visit Istanbul, wander through its streets, and also take a boat ride along the famous Bosporus Strait. And you can diversify the New Year's trip with a trip to the thermal springs, to the Cappadocian valley and to the ski resort.