On the night of December 31 to January 1, residents of almost all countries meet the long-awaited New Year. For a Russian person, this is a special date when it is worth taking stock of the outgoing year and with joy and joy under the clink of glasses with champagne to meet a new one. However, a constant celebration of a home with the family can become boring over the years.

At the same time, not every family can afford to go to the Alps or the Bahamas, so that it's unusual to note the coming of the next year. And the language barrier can embarrass many people who do not speak foreign languages. In this case, the New Year in Riga is one of the best winter travel options!

First, Riga is interesting because its appearance is very similar to the ancient medieval European cities. Secondly, a trip to this beautiful Latvian capital will cost, most likely, cheaper than a winter vacation in France or Germany. And thirdly, Latvia, after all, was part of the once existing Soviet Union, which means that the language barrier here is not so terrible as in the same Western Europe.

New Year celebration in the capital of Latvia

Riga is attractive to many: it celebrates the New Year, Catholic and Orthodox Christmas, so if you arrive 7-10 days before your favorite holiday, you will really like the capital in any case. As a consequence, an interesting fact that favorably distinguishes Riga from Western European cities: when Christmas celebrations in the countries of Western Europe end (December 25), usually the next day all the Christmas beauty in the city is already beginning to be folded and removed ... But not in Riga, after all the most interesting in this city is only ahead!

Things to do in Riga for the New Year

The most attractive place in the capital of Latvia – city, often called Old Riga. Here are the significant places: castles, houses, churches and everything that is so much like the sights of Western Europe. So, for those who have never been to Germany or France, visit to Riga – beautiful European option to feel an unforgettable atmosphere.

Storefronts in the evening always shine with bright and colorful lights, all the illumination of the city as a whole acquires a festive look, also the bridges of Riga look beautiful. During the daytime in winter you can stroll through the medieval streets, enjoying sightseeing, and in the evening - sit in a small cozy bar. The weather in Riga is unpredictable: it is quite possible that snow will fall out, but it is not excluded that it will soon be replaced by rain. One can say: a holiday it does not spoil.

New year's eve in Riga

The first day of January at 12 o'clock in the morning traditionally starts the fireworks. Many tourists and residents of the capital overlooks the main square and with cheerful shouts greeted the long-awaited holiday. Often at this time, Riga appears to be snowy and cold, which further enhances the joy and delight of the celebrating people in the streets.

How to get to Riga in the New Year

Ways to get to the capital of Latvia a lot! Another advantage of Riga, in addition to those listed above, is that it is much easier, cheaper and faster to reach or fly to it.

The main options: train, plane and bus. It is worth planning your trip in advance. Any novice traveler can be advised the following: plan your trip (in this case to Riga for the New Year) for a few months, that is, try to buy an air ticket or railway ticket for 2-3 months already - air tickets at this time are usually always cheaper, than just before the supposed departure.

A similar rule can be attributed to the booking of hotel hotels. By the way, in Riga there is a wide choice of hotels and places for comfortable lodging: both in two steps from the center of the capital (the Old Town) and on its outskirts.