Are you still sure that magic is only in fairy tales? You have a chance to make sure that this is not so! It is only worth spending a winter holiday in Prague, celebrating Christmas and New Year there, and you will already know that miracles happen in the world. The capital of the Czech Republic has a special magical aura and attracts, like a magnet of many tourists during the Christmas and New Year period. What is so famous for Prague and how to spend the New Year in it?

Winter holidays in Prague

A lot of our compatriots have already visited the New Year in the Czech capital, and they were all very pleased. The thing is that the Czech Republic, like France or Italy, in the eyes of tourists is a beautiful romantic country, which has ancient beautiful castles and houses.

But if you plan a trip to France for the New Year, you'll have to pay a decent sum of money, even if you want to celebrate winter holidays somewhere in the French outback, and not in the famous capital.

As for the Czech Republic, celebrating the New Year in its main city is much less expensive, and Prague is not much inferior to the famous Paris. The level of service is not worse than Western Europe, and sightseeing and in winter time will please any tourist.

New Year in Prague

A long-awaited holiday in the Czech capital last for a month! From the beginning of December until the first days of January of the coming new year you can get pleasure from the wonderful festive atmosphere that always reigns at this time in Prague. The city is fully decorated with lights and other Christmas attributes.

Even in narrow aisles and medieval streets you can meet beautiful small and large Christmas trees, and on the squares you will be offered a delicious mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. Important: try to come to Prague before the Catholic Christmas (at least a week and not later) or before the New Year.

Best option:   before Christmas, then necessarily after spending the New Year in the Czech capital. December 24, the festive Christmas atmosphere in the capital of the Czech Republic reaches its peak, but after Christmas night Prague seems to be dying out: it's unlikely that you will see crowds on the streets, and shops and restaurants are usually closed at this time. Fortunately, the lull does not last long. After all, preparations for the New Year are beginning! It was at this time that an abundant stream of tourists arrived in the Czech Republic.

Where to live in Prague for the New Year

Of course, before you fly to Prague for winter vacation, you need to take good care of the place where you live. In addition to the hotel, many tourists prefer to rent a small apartment in Prague, booking in advance via the Internet. In the Czech capital very much like apartments.

As for discover   and other entertainment programs, then order them better already on the spot. Sights of winter Prague The beginning of December in the Czech capital always means the celebration of St. Nicholas Day (December 6), and a week later people celebrate the day of St. Lucia. These holidays are very fond of, both children and adults.

On The old town square   around the same time the Christmas market opens. Street theaters, magnificent works of local blacksmiths, holiday souvenirs and, of course, delicious Czech beer - all this you will meet on the streets of the pre-Christmas Prague. Well, of course, New Year's Eve: usually on December 31 and January 1 in Prague it's snowing. New Year's Eve on the last day of December, the Czechs are called generous.

On the night of January 1, all residents and visitors to Prague go to the aforementioned old town square, and open bottles of champagne and beer to celebrate under the fireworks of New Year. A tradition is a trip on the Charles bridge at night, where you need to make your most cherished desires near statue of John of Nepomuk. Celebrate the New Year in Prague, and you will get unforgettable emotions and a lot of impressions!