Winter holidays in Prague





A long-awaited holiday in the Czech capital last for a month! From the beginning of December until the first days of January of the coming new year you can get pleasure from the wonderful festive atmosphere that always reigns at this time in Prague. The city is fully decorated with lights and other Christmas attributes.


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Where to live in Prague for the New Year

Of course, before you fly to Prague for winter vacation, you need to take good care of the place where you live. In addition to the hotel, many tourists prefer to rent a small apartment in Prague, booking in advance via the Internet. In the Czech capital very much like apartments.

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On the night of January 1, all residents and visitors to Prague go to the aforementioned old town square, and open bottles of champagne and beer to celebrate under the fireworks of New Year. A tradition is a trip on the Charles bridge at night, where you need to make your most cherished desires near {!LANG-e6d3a201c8fc43847ca9474a5b87a575!}{!LANG-ea23cbe7358beef288069d5e92bb40cd!}