Any mistress dreams that the house shines with cleanliness, and on health of relatives microbes did not attempt. However, keeping clean is not an easy task at all, it takes a huge amount of time and requires effort.

If you do not want to spend days with a broom, a mop and a rag, take advantage of modern scientific achievements. Today we will talk about the advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner, about what tasks it solves. Do not forget to mention and how you can buy this miracle of technology.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaner differs from the usual means for cleaning the apartment in that it has an artificial intelligence. The device is able to move independently in the room, cleaning the surface, and at the end return to its charger. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a variety of sensors, including IR and ultrasonic.

They allow the device to “see” the obstacle, reduce the speed, change the direction and trajectory of movement. Some robotic vacuum cleaners are able to determine the level of contamination of the floor. The undoubted advantages of this wonderful unit include the ability to program the beginning of the harvest, that is, you went to the store, and your apartment at this time is in order.

Select the model

Robots vacuums are now quite a lot, the main thing is to choose a model that meets your requirements. The most popular today are vacuum cleaners iRobot, discuss the current irobot roomba. To begin with, the vacuum cleaner is as easy to use as possible, you do not need to select modes and functions, just press the clean button and the cleaning process begins.

In the front part there is a built-in IR sensor, which determines the approach to the object, the special sensors at the bottom take into account the height difference. Thus, each movement of the robot cleaner is carefully calibrated. The level of contamination of the surface is also analyzed, so the intensity of the impact varies.

Roomba is capable to remove not only dust, but also paper, cogs, small parts. To clean along baseboards, around the legs and in corners of the room, there are special side brushes. If brushes got thread or rope, it triggers wypalania (that is, the brushes spinning in the other direction). Now a few words about the cons. The capacity of the robot cleaner is slightly lower than usual, so deep clean the carpets does not work, have to finish the job manually.

Sometimes in places of elevation drop, for example, a congress from a carpet, Roomba may lose some of the dust. It will also have to be collected independently. Charging the battery holds a little less than the manufacturers say, somewhere around 2 hours. This is enough for cleaning 50-60 square meters. m. Next, the vacuum cleaner will need charging. And more: cleaning brushes and dust containers will have to be done after every cleaning.

Cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

For wet cleaning, the irobot scooba vacuum cleaner is designed. It is able to remove strong contaminants, but it can not clean carpets and has little patency. The disadvantages can also be attributed to the fact that on the wooden floor, this vacuum cleaner leaves a wet trace. Although modern robots vacuum cleaners and can not completely replace traditional vacuum cleaners, they can seriously ease your life and ensure the daily cleanliness in the house.

Before buying it is worth to familiarize with the description of various models, to watch a video of their work on the Internet. The price of robots vacuums varies from 13,000 to 30,000, depending on the technical equipment of the device.