There are traditions that go back far beyond the boundaries of school textbooks. Unwashed Europe, even in the Middle Ages, was amazed at the Russian peasants who regularly visited the bath, and, surprisingly, every week washed away and evaporated the vigorous peasant sweat. The peasantry in Russia has since been greatly diminished, but we respect the covenants of our ancestors religiously.

From the point of view of psychology, a Russian bath is the most unattainable ideal society in which all are equal. Whether you are a democrat or monarchist, general or ensign, director of a meat-packing plant or an honest thief, in a steam room everything is the same, except for small physiological differences. A stripped person is helpless in all respects, and, therefore, forced to become what he really is.

From the point of view of a psychologist, nothing has so much to do with intimate conversation, like a joint trip on a train or a collective trip to a bath. We have not yet learned to confess to bearded uncles in cassocks, but to pour out the most intimate naked, pretty and absolutely unfamiliar, fat man in the locker room of the bath and laundry combine, and for the sweet soul.

New Year's campaign Zhenya Lukashin only recorded the potential ability of the Russian people to turn a simple process of steaming bones and washing up individual members of the body into the layering of great deeds and big nonsense. The Russians of the male and before Ryazanov knew the cunning and witchcraft of their secret predilection for the steam room, but after legitimizing the basic bath attributes, they got into their hands the strongest ideological weapon in the fight against the weaker sex.

But a real Russian Banya, to use the rhetoric of proletarian poets, it is not a launching pad for sentimental relations and forge health. In the light of the forthcoming regular meeting of the New year on these Wellness relaxation undermined by the strange and unpredictable autumn winter of the body we dwell.

All the charm of a real Russian baths

First, dry run through the medical indications:

  • the skin begins to breathe, the pores (and maybe chakra) open
  • pathogens capitulate already in the fifth minute of stay in a normal steam room
  • lactic acid along with profuse sweating – down
  • vegetative system, muscles relax;
  • joints no longer creak, the bones ache, the soul to suffer.

If you spray on the stove with all the existing herbal infusions (mint, St. John's wort, thyme, chamomile, etc.), then the best phytotherapy and emergency inhalation session of the respiratory system can not be recommended by any doctor. Take the eucalyptus broom and just fan it - your favorite winter cold in this winter, most likely, will not come.

Hardening of the body is not shown to everyone, but to test your body on temperature contrasts is still worth it: for a person the main happiness is to know that it is not weaker than others and something else can. Treatment, rest, psychological relaxation: a Russian bath 3 in 1. It is a pity that this kit is not always available in conditions of our city baths. If you have not found your secret place in the communal space, there is an alternative.

New year in a country bath

This meeting can only afford very smart men who are pre-warning in advance and sent his wives, children and girlfriends in far warmer climes for winter vacations. Bachelors in this case have a distinct advantage. The holiday itself implies a departure friendly company in the nearest or distant suburban areas with consequent relaxation of all overworked for the year places on the body.

We collected and literally processed the collective opinion of many respondents about such an extreme bath race, as a result, the following happened. Actually, the preparatory bath procedure (dragging water from a well, harvesting firewood, heating, searching and soaking brooms) could not be remembered by any of the participants.

Obviously, the good old Grandfather Frost erased the memory. The number of trips to the therma, as well as the frequency of jerks along the snow-covered area to the house behind the additive, could not be determined. Admissible for publication epithets sounded something like this: planted trees here, why do you need so many beds, you could hang up lanterns, what uncivilized person put the red-hot brazier on my way for the fourth time, why the snow is so prickly, etc.

To meet the New Year clean was not possible to all, almost nobody. But the aroma of steamed birch and oak brooms, the taste of a shish kebab, a stupid bathing in the snow and long philosophical conversations in the dressing room for some reason remembered all the tested. Apparently, human memory is selective, and for complete relaxation it is necessary not to remember something, but as much as possible to forget. Nothing will be bad if you meet the New Year clean. Enjoy Your Bath!